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17 minutes ago, Mtvare said:

I think 33.

The 50s are wider in the leg all the way down than the 40s so for a similar leg you'd probably have to go down to 32, but that would likely be pushing it in the waist.

I have 40s in 34 and 50s in 33 and both fit fine. These days I could probably go down an inch in both but I wouldn't do more than 1" difference between 

Thanks! Great input.

Mind sharing fit pics of both pairs? If you have them…

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Recently got a type 1 from tcb, and have a small question. There seems to be some fabric under the inner pleat on the button side that kind of doesn't let the pleat stay flat at times. I personally can't tell if it's a crease or a part of the deaign.i'm not sure if this is exclusively related to tcb or any pleated denim jacket as this is my only one. Thanks!

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6 hours ago, Hopethisoneisnttaken said:

There’s something specific about the 40s patch that wears very easily. It’s the only pair that I’ve had that lost the patch and I didn’t treat it any different to any of the other pairs I have. 

I went wrong with the size and bought a W40 (I am usually 36 - 38) and I must admit I used a lot of warm dryer to shrink it.

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7 hours ago, MJF9 said:

@Uncle Karl Superb! Yes please post pics after a wash and repair mate

thank you!  yes!  I will definitely post it, so please wait for a while.  I don't want to wash clothes that I've worn for 3 years for about 40 minutes in one wash, so I want to wash like crazy for about 6 hours.

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