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  1. YossarianRaw

    Mister Freedom

    Workman shirt in Gunpowder Tea from the Sportsman collection. A wonderful, somewhat hefty HBT fabric with very low color fastness - this thing was dark grey/deep green until I washed it initially and then wore it a lot. As with almost all MFSC shirts, it’s really too long to be worn untucked, but it’s the only way I roll when not suited up:
  2. YossarianRaw

    Mister Freedom

    Thanks a bunch. I definitely value the details and I own a few pieces already. I’m in Scandinavia, so I’d find plenty of use for it. Right now I’m layering my wool coat with a denim jacket (t shirt and heavy flannel underneath), so I’d wager it would fit well for our winters.
  3. YossarianRaw

    Mister Freedom

    I seem to remember someone in here (or several people) who got the Blouson de Quart'. @Broark, maybe it was you? I'm really tempted to get it, but I was wondering if you think it's worth the price tag, seeing as there are a number of deck jacket options out there?
  4. YossarianRaw

    iconic denim photos

    Yeah, that movie^ is the reason I ended up getting a type 2 jacket. Incredible style in a pretty unsettling movie.
  5. YossarianRaw


    Hah yeah, from this angle I can see the similarity, but it's actually a Tudor 36mm Black Bay (ref 79500).
  6. YossarianRaw


    Rockin' the tux today, 60s jeans, 50s jacket, @volvo240thebest-style!
  7. YossarianRaw

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    Just realised I never posted my absolute favourite pair of jeans here! These are my JB 0401, around 8 months of wear and 5 washes in total. I outgrew them, so I gave them back to the shop where I bought them (Blue Caviar in Aarhus, Denmark), and the owner took some pictures before hanging them on the wall there. Best fabric I ever saw.
  8. YossarianRaw


    Awesome! Thanks for the pics, battle. The guy on the trash bin has like almost the same style I wear most days. Blue jeans, desert boots, white shirt, the blue athletic jacket like the one in my pic.
  9. YossarianRaw


    So, I finally, FINALLY managed to get around to a pair of TCB bottoms after owning the 50s jacket for 1.5 years and loving it. Don't know what I was thinking. These 60s were a steal at just over $100 at The Shop Vancouver. Only gripe is that I had too much chopped off at the hem, so I'm venturing into high waters here. Which I guess will be fine since this will primarily be go to summer jeans. Denim is amazing, fit is pretty great, but you all know these things already.
  10. YossarianRaw


    Thank you @kicks79!
  11. YossarianRaw


    I'm so fond of my (regular) fatigue pants that I'm contemplating getting the shorts as well. Does anyone know whether the sizing is exactly the same - e.g., if I am a 2 in the pants, would I be a 2 in the shorts as well?
  12. YossarianRaw


    Thanks. I think you're right, the 1 will definitely be too small and the 3 would be huge.
  13. YossarianRaw


    So guys, if I'm a size 2 in the regular fatigues, do I go for the same size in the 105 jeans?
  14. YossarianRaw


    I have the regular fatigues. Actually, I ordered the slim ones, but the shop sent me the wrong ones. And I'm glad they did - they are awesome and not as wide and baggy as you might think. I wear them with white/grey tees, chambray shirts, navy popovers, grey/blue flannels
  15. YossarianRaw

    DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    888-NT tag size 32 on day one post soak and 40 deg wash: