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  1. Thanks for the help! ill probably end up sizing down to 24 versus sizing up to 25. im closer to a 6.5 then a 7. Appreciate it once again.
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply! I am a 6.5/7 Mens in Converse chuck 70s, do you recommend sizing up to size 7 or sizing down to 6? I have pretty slim feet, so I don't personally worry whether they are too wide. Thanks everyone!
  3. Would love to know peoples experience with shoes like pottery vs doek and other kurume made canvas sneakers?
  4. Hey! I recently got a pair of 710s and been wearing em for approx 2 weeks. They have been washed twice in an attempt to remove some harder fold marks when it was arrived to me but to no avail. You guys have any recommendations to remove these creases? In my experience also wearing them consistently does not get them out.
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    Recently got a type 1 from tcb, and have a small question. There seems to be some fabric under the inner pleat on the button side that kind of doesn't let the pleat stay flat at times. I personally can't tell if it's a crease or a part of the deaign.i'm not sure if this is exclusively related to tcb or any pleated denim jacket as this is my only one. Thanks!
  6. I personally intend on trying the more washing method but not machine dry. Given so, if 26 is too tight, 27 is the play? I have a pair of tcbs in size 26 which measure to be 68, however slightly loose. From the dimensions ive also read up on says 68 also, but given i wash them frequently i dont thinik itll stretch that much from there. thanks!
  7. Hey! I recently got a pair of resolute 710 in size 26(I know lol). I am super skinny and was ecstatic to find something that would fit me, however unfortunately they are too tight. I am able to button the top button just fine, however it seems to put too much pressure on my stomach. I was wondering how much these would stretch in your guys experience? And if i were to buy another pair, ie size 27 or 28(both one wash), how much do they shrink after the a couple machine washes?:I want to try the hayashi-san washing method barring the machine dry. Thanks!
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