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Roy. (expurgated edition)


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There was an extra pair made that went out on a sort of “world tour” among Denimbro folks, may even still be active

Got to wear them for a couple months in 2018 & they were really something special

edit: Beat me to it

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I wrote to Roy in 2018 trying to buy a pair... he told me he only made about 5 pairs, custom Cone denim, never sold any as mentioned above, he just gave them away as gifts... and he didn't fancy making any more unfortunately!

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3 hours ago, julian-wolf said:

^ Don’t know why, but I’d always thought the denim was from Huston—learn something new every day!

Cone had a bunch of uneven yarn they didn’t know what to do with, so Roy sent a early 1890’s sample of Levis’s #2 fabric. He somehow got them to use the wonky yarn and made enough fabric to make 7 pairs of jeans…The tour is over and I have the jeans back, still waiting to take a picture wearing them before I send them home to San Francisco.

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37 minutes ago, Sansome1877 said:

Did you get the original- or the 5 pocket Leroys that came out a year later?

The 5 pocket

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my short review of the leroy tour jeans from denimbro:


some thoughts on the leroy


- light denim. what is it, 9, 10 oz? perfect for the tropics.
- cut, or lack of it. when i first put the leroy on, i thought it was the perfect encapsulation of roy's denim philosophy (i quote from his site):

"Jeans are essentially an ill-fitting garment by design and this is what gives them their unique look."

it looked like it had no cut whatsoever. just two dark blue tubes going down my crotch. but then after i wore it for maybe a week, i was also reminded how right roy was again:

"Here is a concept I’d like to start with: Most jeans, in spite of the cut, will essentially look the same on you as all other jeans. This is because denim fabric stretches out for comfort and literally takes the shape of the wearer. True, the leg may be fuller, etc., but in my experience, the issues most folks are attempting to solve with “the perfect fit” are really more body issues than a fit issue. Therefore, regardless of cut or fabric, the criticism will be of the same tenor, and one tends to fixate on fallacious rules to jeans wearing or jeans they “cannot wear”. I’m aware that this is not a popular opinion, but I’ve made several thousand jeans with my own hands and done several years of custom-fit jeans making, so just take it for what its worth (see above). Now that’s not to say that jeans can’t be more or less flattering. What I’m saying is that the issues most folks are compelled to improve are things that observers of the wearer rarely have issue with. Conversely the “solutions” that the wearer employs often cause the majority of observers to scratch their heads. You’ve no doubt, wondered about someone in line at the cafe wearing exactly the least possible flattering jeans for them. Trust me, they were just trying to solve a problem, to them. Enough amateur psychoanalysis; I’m simply trying point out some observations. Style is opinion, like this one: I think short people look great in wide leg jeans that are hemmed short or cuffed so they don’t touch the shoe. There’s no rules, its all opinion. We’re all wearing costumes that try to convey something about who we are, so express yourself and don’t worry too much about it. If you’re inexperienced then try something."

all the bolds are mine. after a couple of weeks the leroy kinda looked pretty similar to all of my widish jeans, my tender, my sc hawaii, my mf cali 54, etc. big up top, with a tiny lil bit of taper. perfect. and it drapes really nice that i only need to double cuff, the whole pant ended up looking quite flattering despite the denim sack early look.

- large front pocket opening. superb. i can fit my whole fist right past my wrist in the pockets (also the right depth, my samsung s8 in a thick-ass case can still lie flat on my thigh when sitting). the pockets themselves are made of substantial-feeling twill too, which is alway nice.

- fabric patch. i wish all jeans have a fabric patch. best one is on my rs blacksmith. fabric but as stiff as a board.

- stitching. beautiful (though maybe sometimes too perfect?). the lockstitch hem is a beauty.


- denim at this stage of the game/tour looks a bit loud, white weft tufts everywhere. i can see on top of the thighs they're falling off but if these were samurai or pbj bros would turn their collective nose up.

- one back pocket. historically accurate sure, but still looks silly and not practical. if the ooe x denimbro contest with the hercules denim ever happens i'll be asking for two backpockets.

- normal sized metal buttons for the suspender buttons. they hurt when lying down on the floor (we indos do this a lot on hot days).

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@Sansome1877 I’ll have to see about pocket stamp. I can look this weekend. I’ve worn them a few times, never washed them-they’re art, so beautiful. When I wore the world tour pair, I almost couldn’t believe how different the denim felt after many wears on the tour pair. I did a bunch of pics of the difference between the 2 on denimbro. I’ll try and find that link again and repost here so everyone can see.

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On 1/13/2022 at 6:12 PM, Sansome1877 said:

I forgot to ask- does yours have the custom LSD & Co rivets too?

Yep, with the rivets


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I got a couple roy jeans and shirts that are a little small so I'm throwing it out there to see if anybody wants to trade....Not interested in selling. 

I got a pair of R01 with duck canvas pocket bags in size 30, looking for anything in size 32

I also the Roy natural indigo denim workshirt in size small...looking for a medium. 


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2 hours ago, goodrain said:

can't find it. sold already?

Yeah. It ended yesterday. It was my size too. But, not for 500. 


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