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WAYWT 2023 [denim edition]


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My body doesn’t handle heat well, so for the most part I’ve been slumming it. However in Poland where I’ve been visiting friends and family, the weather has been a mixed bag. Enjoying today with a couple of Tender pieces and a pair of Gustins that I breathed new life into by having 20 inches chopped off. 

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Same old, some new. 

Denim Fishermen's Cap

Vintage 1984 Roy Rogers LA Olympics tee* 

Trusty vest

Vintage belt with brass monster buckle and vintage jewels

Mister Freedom Outlaw in black denim

New to me Vintage Chippewa boots. The leather patina was too good to pass up. 

*I have been searching for an actual vintage example of this t-shirt for years. It has been poorly copied a few times because it's claim to fame was an appearance in a classic quirky 80s comedy. 

Since finding this grail I have worn it a few times but despite my friends and acquaintances all being pop culture obsessed weirdos NO ONE has placed it yet!

Only a real one will get it. 

SO...if anyone can name the film,  I'll send you a prize. Probably something vintage! 


@julian-wolf got it almost immediately through DM. Get at me with your address!





Close up showing the belt and buckle, the MF frogmouth pockets and the vintage jewels Duke inspired me to add (until I can pull the trigger on one of his belts!)


Vintage Chippewas 


Close up of the vintage Roy Rogers tee. Send me your guesses! 



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Living in my jean shorts and loving this Mister Freedom linen pull over. The colour is not as vivid here and around the arms, pockets and button fasteners there  are already signs of fading. I think it will age nicely (after one summer!). 

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Cheers mate... they're the M41001 with the patch.  IIRC in the Canes thread OO set up he'd dated them late 90s.  I got them about 3/4 years ago from Yahoo Auctions... wore them a lot for a year or so during Covid and now wear them on and off as I also like their current state.  I also have an unworn pair of M41001 but without the patch.  

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