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Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, I’m definitely happy with the fit on the jeans and the jacket is growing on me. Shoulders, sleeves, length feel just right. It’s just a little slim when buttoned up. But I don’t think it’s anything that’ll stop me from wearing it frequently. Plus I don’t usually ever button my denim jackets anyways... 

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^ Nailed it! they're pretty forgiving when it comes down to it.. I think waistband pressure feels a bit unfamiliar when it's further up the midriff, leading to a lot of initial "hell no" reactions – but they seem to stretch out in most cases, as long as the fit is fine in the top block

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Just came home and first thing I did was tried them on (and urge my boy to try his). Happy to report that we will be keeping them. Mines are a tad tight in the waist, but not so much in the thigh & knee, so I'm sure they will mold themselves to my Olympian morphology. More seriously, I need to lose a few pounds anyways, and that should take care of the muffin top. Will post pics tomorrow.

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I never thought I would say this. But I hope my jeans don’t stretch anymore. Ha ha.  I decided to wet the waist band, hand stretched them and wore super low around my butt for a couple hours. . Got 2 inches of stretch in the waist. Let’s let the good times roll!!

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And off with the week:wacko2:

@diggers @kameisenpai@Lori13@Broark@dudewuttheheck - all really good looking trad style fits 

@olmecasteve also + your sister did a great job on the arcs  - 

+++++ for the spirit in the thread which has really covered the info and legitimate worries as well as the anticipation  

Nearly there :) 

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Just got my 32 OW pair in the mail this afternoon. Sizing wasn't an issue, even if I did put on weight over the last few months. I'm still gonna chuck them in for another wash and tumble dry to make sure most of the shrinkage is gone.

  • Waist 40.25cm
  • Front rise 33.75cm
  • Back rise 43.5cm
  • Thigh 31.25cm
  • Knee 24cm
  • Hem 22.75cm
  • Inseam 77.5cm




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35 minutes ago, dudewuttheheck said:

Thanks @Duke Mantee! I was thinking the same thing. Aside from a slightly small waist, I do think this might be my best fitting pair of jeans yet.

They have a great proportion and you’ve got them sitting nice with your engineers (plenty of choice there)

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Here's a really bad fit pic. They fit nice! I am sure they will after the wash as well. ^_^ 

Right now they are drying from a hot wash. They definitely have a bit more shrink from OW. But as stated the waist have a lot of give. I pulled it a bit when wet and got a lot of stretch! But now way these 88,9 cm raw.

Interestingly my pair, 33OW, measured smaller in every dimension compared@propellerbeanies size 32OW. I actually changed my ordered and sized up from 32OW lol. 

Anyone else having a lot these strays on the selvedge? It's more than on any other pair I've had before. Love the detail!







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6 hours ago, dudewuttheheck said:

#182 checking in! I am happy to eat some crow here because these will actually work for me. They were so far under the chart measurements that I thought they were a lost cause, but after a hot wash, they were still way too large for my lady so I gave them another shot myself and I was surprised that after a bit of stretch, they were already basically back to the pre-wash size in the waist. They're still a little tighter there than I would like, but I think with a little more time and with cold washing from now on, they should be fine. Aside from the waist, these actually fit really nicely. Overall, I'm really pleased with the fit. The patch is still my favorite part, though :) I'm excited to start wearing these in a couple days. 







that's great! I am  very happy (and quite surprised actually) that you went from saying these were not going to work for you to this fit. Really glad you tried to "make them work". The slimmer hip fits your body proportions very well.
I think they're almost too narrow at the bottom for engineers. a shorter hem would make them feel wider at the bottom and give better proportions with beefy footwear, IMO. 
however, well done!



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