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Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

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very nice @nycsurfer530 !

not much denim evo to show since last update. here's some general life update..

I'm in Germany again for a couple gigs in the Bayreuth area, I had a little time for one of my favourite hobbies, mullethunting, here's a rather rare and fine example of curly vokuhila


That was a nice beer, though the usage of that specific Gothic font brings back sinister memories, at least to a foreigner like me... I'm always fascinated by how communicative can be the choice of a font..




my mates





new bags. Can't use the old bag I had made out of tcb denim to travel as it doesn't fit a laptop, so I have bought this really nice backpack on taobao. Looks like an old army backpack but has an internal sleeve for the laptop, plus 5 pockets, very happy with it.




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2 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

That was a nice beer, though the usage of that specific Gothic font brings back sinister memories, at least to a foreigner like me... I'm always fascinated by how communicative can be the choice of a font..


Hahaha I can see that especially when combined with some sort of eagle imagery (like the wings there). But when when combined with a goat for example it doesn't seem like Hitler's brewery, right? ;)

Bildergebnis für kneitinger regensburg

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Went to Milwaukee, of all places, for the first time last week (for a wedding). The city's downtown has some wonderful gilded age architecture, a great art museum on the shore of Lake Michigan, and a variety of interesting eateries, bars, breweries, and things to looks at, but hardly any people. It's a bizarre little ghost town that seems devoid of the younger urbanites that have caused (helped?) other metro areas across the U.S. to boom at an almost unmerciful rate. Part of me want to buy a downtown condo as an investment and just wait...

IMG_3158 copy.jpg

IMG_3164 copy.jpg

The Milwaukee Art Museum:

IMG_3202 copy.jpg


IMG_3212 copy.jpg

Duane Hanson's "Janitor"...not as famous as his tourist sculptures, but the outfit is probably more our speed.

IMG_3213 copy.jpg

me, tcb 20s, ranchman & life partner refracted by a Larry Bell glass installation

IMG_3220 copy.jpg

Some great little brownie cameras (i.e., Kodak x Teague collab)

IMG_3231 copy.jpg


IMG_3208 copy.jpg

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On 30 June 2018 at 7:28 PM, nycsurfer530 said:




nice beach shots for those locked in the city, but also omfg: that some progress: uk heatwave means i been nowhere near them puppies for good week + more...

also nice updates all: volvo portraits = top, & milehigh upping the stakes for highend reflection selfies!!! (plus gotta luv a little duane...)

& cucoo: enjoying the recent waywt fits esp w. vintage levis t: nice timewarp mash...


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22 hours ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

& cucoo: enjoying the recent waywt fits esp w. vintage levis t: nice timewarp mash...

Thx - I really like that long sleeve too. It looks kinda 70s but it's from the 90s I think.

My 20s got another wash over the weekend, the weather was more suited for shorts anyways. Went to a children's festival with tons of activities for the little ones on Sunday, excuse the picture quality, the wife isn't good at manually setting focus so I had to lighten it up considerably ;) Wearing Levi's shirt, Lee shorts, 70s.


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Just returned from a day trip to Prague to see the Stones (for the third time in four years :rolleyes:).

Highlight of the trip was the bitchin' apartment / suite we stayed at. 3 mins walk from the train station, 3 mins walk from Václavské náměstí, and pretty affordable as a group of 8. It was literally one whole floor in an old town building, huge double doors and all. Every room had a little gimmick like the round bed in this one.



Wearing Levi's aloha shirt, TCB 20s and 70s for the show. Weather hot as balls so I cuffed higher than I usually do ;)



The show itself was fine, the venue (old airfield just outside of Prague) was lacking though. Literally just a field and meh food and drink (they managed to make Pilsner Urquell taste like piss, no idea how). Organisation wasn't good, very long lines everywhere, not enough toilettes, stuff like that. But the Prague subway was doing their best to get 80.000 people back into the city proper once the concert was over, props to them.




Not a good picture, but the Czech railway train cars ooze old Soviet style :D


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Yeah. That pic is Sympathy. He managed to fuck up the intro riff to "Honky Tonk Women" (collective "owwww" from all musicians in the audience :D) but hey, at least he's playing a lot more himself again. Not drinking quite that much seems to help. But there's still many moments where you're kinda glad when Ronnie kicks in :D

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Work is finally a bit more manageable and I had time to prepare a little update this weekend.  

First a fit and status pic that I also posted on instagram. I'm at either three or four washes, approaching the state of the previous jean when it was returned. I think this one is a little tighter than the last (it's not me getting bigger because other jeans fit the same) which has a small effect on wear (whiskers and thighs). 

My monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant) deserves a photo too. It's growing outta control!IMG_0790.thumb.JPG.c93431a8c35f8b6bab1e7c553da5f014.JPG

On Saturday morning I decided to bike to the beach and since I left home before it got too hot, I wore jeans. After passing through the city centre, which can be quite a hassle, it's smooth, flat sailing along the harbor. Here's the ferry to Kiel, Germany. 



The king's cows chilling outside the royal farm. 

Bygdøy is an excellent place to go running. Lots and lots of paths through the forest and the tree coverage provides shade from the sun. IMG_0795.thumb.JPG.eaa227627c5d1840725421f88616dc11.JPG

At my destination, the beach. This was early, before the masses arrived. 

Found a nice spot by the water. 

It's raining today - which I think everyone's happy about, especially farmers, but the heatwave continues tomorrow. 

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Thanks, @MJF9! I saw people from warmer climes making (good-natured) fun of our heatwave (or "heatwave") in another thread but it's all relative! 
I'll admit it's frightening to think about why it's happening and what the long-term effects might be, but in the short-term I'm choosing to be carefree and embrace it. 

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Lovely updates folks.

Just a couple of images from recent ramblings.

Peveril of the Peak is a lovely pub near the train station in Manchester. Then there are a couple of Oxford  - the Radcliffe Camera and surroundings, then the elegant block of buildings is Pembroke College.

St Pancras station was a mess for years, despite which it was used for the exteriors of the Harry Potter films. It was restored a few years back and is now one of the most beautiful rail stations in europe, with its victorian steel span launched from a byzantine gothic cathedral (that's really a hotel).This is the view around 7am before we took a train up north.

Finally, I think my jeans are getting near the wear of the last pair, which feels quicker to me although I have no idea how long has elapsed.



Oxford 1.jpg

Oxford 2.jpg

Oxford 3.jpg


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3 hours ago, Maynard Friedman said:

Lovely Paul, is there still table football in the Peveril?

Not that day. Was still great ... we did have one of the longest, most brilliant, meta conversations in there with various people. I do love that city. Everything was from central casting (in a good way).

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an update that forgot to happen

back weeks afew

a library visit near st pancras

an infinite hat shite lift mirror selfie

and following the earlier literary recommendations

and following the wide sargasso seas’ post-colonial narrativity

coincidences: two shows on at the library;

one on arrivals (with echoing the burning of a generation’s rights by our government’s ‘hostile environment’)

with some great books

and a wondrous shirt

another on earlier voyages

added bonus; cook’s end location also represented in their public philatelic exhibition








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