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Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

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23 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

fierce plastic rucksack show off. We can't that thing off her back as of late...


:D I'm glad that although Kindergarten is a bad influence in that way my daughter is completely obsessed with Paw Patrol and Pyjama Masks instead of Frozen. Tiring all the same ;) 

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On 6/10/2018 at 2:07 PM, FreeCharlesManson said:










I've been wearing my tcb's for a couple weeks doing grounds keeping work and other maintenance stuff for a local school division. I gave them a machine wash and left them outside to dry. they're soft with a lot of texture and a dry feel. A little peeved with how slow they're fading but that's the journey. 


Anybody else not seeing @FreeCharlesManson's pics?

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Those big bottles of Moretti are about £2 in Sainsbury’s and they’re not even imported from Italy anymore but now brewed in the UK under license - thanks Heineken! :angry: They also taste too malty since the change.

Great updates though volvo, very p(l)easant indeed.

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14 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

just finished this, didn't know Joe Lansdale, now I want to read everyrthing he wrote. truly captivating stuff


Haven't read it yet myself but Amazon is doing a pretty decent Hap & Leonard series, season 3 has just been released. Season 2 was Mucho Mojo. Watched it because of the setting and the actors. Michael Kenneth Williams is killing it :)


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I haven't got that much wear to show, I'm afraid. Generally looking good, and I seem to have much tighter whiskers on this pair than the last for some reason. I had to dump all my photos because no disk space so I can't remember when I soaked/started but I was thinking I'll have a couple of months before I expect some real action. I like the dark phase... but I see from the odd bits that have been caught in the rain that they will go super-contrasty and I'm getting some fading on the knees, way earlier than normal.

Nothing exciting enough here for photos. I've been spending lots of time off social media, doing Duolingo German (!) and catching up with some old classics. These, plus Robert Service's Lenin and Nicholas II, plus Sheltering Sky, have been my TCB reads of the spring. War Of The World really works, even today; half-way through Turn of the Screw and it's genuinely unsettling and sinister. Thornton Wilder is a poor man's Tennessee Williams; Darkness At Noon is... dark. Very. Some of the current Stalin fans need to read it (think it was an influence on 1984 too IIRC).  Sheltering Sky is by someone I despise, but the writing is beautifully poetic. Still despise him.

But the sleeper is definitely Wide Sargasso Sea, bought for £1 for my train trip back from Yorkshire, phenomenal writing and all the weirder, as a prequel to Jane Eyre, set around the despised/irrelevant/mad Mrs Rochester, most of it written from her viewpoint. A consummate, bravura example of how to celebrate the underdog.

Henry James.jpg

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On 24 June 2018 at 1:09 AM, Uncle Karl said:

Sound of rain, smell of rain, singing voice of frog ...


Our house in the mountain

Levi's 506xx and tcb 20s


Great update @Uncle Karl!!!

Great poetry right there, some great pictures, and of course i approve of that jacket-jeans tux [with lovely hat to finish]

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Giving my jeans another wash today! I'm not 100 % sure, but I think it's only the second after the initial pre-wear wash. At this point in I had worn the previous pair more for many reasons, most importantly that Norway has experienced a heatwave recently that has taken away a lot of wear-time. The last few weeks have been cold but now we're back at 30 degrees celcius and shorts again. 


The folds on the left thigh (to the right here) shifted a bit after the first real wash, when the jeans shrunk a bit more. 


The wear on the back is real and because I got myself a new fancy bike with a hard Brooks seat that I'm trying to break in. Here's the bike!


I bought it with the intention of going on more long bike trips, on the road and off-road, perhaps camping, but so far I've only biked around the neighborhood and to the office (five minutes away) a couple of times. But soon!

The heatwave as experienced by my cat: 


Last week I went out walking in the rain in the Wesco boots that I rarely wear. I really do love them, and I dig the look on others, but for some reason it feels a bit too much with these jeans, almost costume-y. I'll get past that and wear them more though. 


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