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  1. why the 1947 and 1967 are the most famous reproduction models?
  2. first class fades!
  3. your jacket is cooler than hugh jackman wolverine jacket!
  4. to be honest right, regarding the controversial japanese brands and international retailers issue..... is it possible for them to adopt a model similar to naked and famous? Naked and famous retailers pretty much sells the same price as tate+yoko so couldn't japanese brands do the same too?
  5. For some mysterious reason, the 14oz fabric near the selvedge seams are more irregular, bumpy and spotty. Then the bumpiness and spottiness disappear at the middle and inseam area leaving behind the mini vertical slubby grains. Same characteristic goes for the other side and behind. The fabric is not as slubby as its 18oz siblings but it's a lot more bearable to wear daily in SEA country
  6. 170 days, washed twice. Should I remove the arcs?
  7. Glad to see a few people wearing the original indigoxwhite 14oz jeans. It's the most underrated pair of jeans along with the 13oz LHT probably due to the fact that PBJ been releasing many new fabrics this year.
  8. Pbj 14oz xx013, 180 days 2nd wash 600 spin 60 degree celcius with regular detergent. The brighter blue pics are taken under direct sunlight.
  9. pbj shud just ban all their retailers selling online internationally to make it fair for everyone
  10. the puckering is intense!
  11. but they won't fade even if you wear them for 10 years how does it compare with the copper label? Are they almost the same?
  12. Which momotaro fabric is the best? GTB, Vintage or copper label?
  13. omg that is worth 2000 USD
  14. 2 weeks of wear Oiling before sun tanning. Temporary uneven darkening around the leather. The color evolution exceeded my expectations for a harness leather. Evolution differences. Top is lighter due to less oiling and less exposure to sunlight.
  15. I believe the 1976LVC and Roy RS00 have pretty different if I were you I pick the one that fit me better