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  1. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Maybe it’s a better idea to wash Oni every 2 weeks and not washing warehouse at all... since warehouse have a denser and tighter weave than Oni so it’s pretty clear from the start warehouse is more durable. So by washing Oni instead of warehouse should give a more conclusive results
  2. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I feel like Kobayashi draws inspiration from the 1920s and WW2 fabric a lot....since they have similar vertical texture as the pioneer denim
  3. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Is it because you put your phone into your left pocket bag? Generally they are not like chinos or dress pants with slash pocket. I have not met any pants with slash front pockets blow out with phone. Usually I put my phone on my backpockets when I stand, and take them out put on the table when I sit as not to damage the denim fabric. As for crotch, I think it's just a sizing issue. I have a pair of 14oz xx013 worn more than 365 times but no signs of blowout. A slightly looser fit will help out a lot
  4. Which pair if you were stranded on an island?

    all of the original levis before 1970s
  5. Pure Blue Japan

    This is the vertical fading from 011 from the wiki. Every jeans have vertical fading including the 013 but the 011 is heavily exaggerated more. I suggest you see the pbj wiki carefully, there’re a lot of fade and texture pics of the 14.5oz fabric (003, 005, 013) and 13oz (011) fabric. From there you should be able to determine which fabric you like more.
  6. Pure Blue Japan

    Overall I prefer xx013. If the left hand twill isn’t too crazy with its vertical falling I will definitely prefer xx011 more as I like its faded color more.
  7. Pure Blue Japan

    This is how the 011 fades. Notice how hard it is to see the grey weft without cuffing. http://www.purebluejapan-wiki.com/wiki/Models:_XX_011
  8. Pure Blue Japan

    This is how the 003. 005 and 013 fades http://www.purebluejapan-wiki.com/wiki/Models:XX-003
  9. Pure Blue Japan

    It’s just different in colour that’s all. The 011 is left hand twill while the 013 is right hand twill. The warp of the 011 tend to fade a lot faster and real intense vertical falling with brighter and more vibrance blue colour compare to the 013. The 013 fades into a clean blue looking color but it is less vibrance and more vintage looking
  10. Pure Blue Japan

    x011 uses left hand twill
  11. Any hemming expert here? Can the 11500G create better roping than 43200G?
  12. Vintage Denim?

    Jofo your levis have a really really nice faded blue color. I think not many worn in repro fabrics have this color.
  13. The Flat Head

    Pioneer denim still my favourite. The vertical falling on the pioneer seems to be more irregular whereas the RJB vertical falling is like programmed to make it more regular and longer. Anyway I still like them more than denim with cross-hatch texture. It's easy to tell whether is the fabric gonna fade to cross-hatch texture or not if they are super slubby like Strike Gold or Oni. Some of the less slubby fabric such as Stevenson Overall Co, Ooe Yofukuten are more subtle, you can only tell they have the cross-hatch texture after fading them for 6 months. Maybe I'll pick up Conners Sewing Factory WW2 model after retiring my flat head since they have lovely irregular vertical texture too.
  14. TCB

    looks like the 60s have a very subtle and inconsistent vertical falling texture! It's like a wonder to me!
  15. The Flat Head

    You can’t return the jeans once you soak it. Anyway recommend you to machine wash then 40 Celsius full cycle to get all the shrinkage out. Waist should shrink at most 2 inches. Colder climate countries tend to hot soak their jeans with hot running tap water... but since you are in India you probably don’t have hot tap water. You can try fill a bucket of hot water but the temperature will cool down and wouldn’t be as effective as continuous running hot tap water