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Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

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i've moved back to my parents house for the summer. they're doing renovation's right now so i'm literally living out of a suitcase in their basement. The whole situation has made creating outfits a pain so I've been on hiatus. Got a Job working as a groundskeeper for a local school division so i'll be wearing my 20's for that stuff, excited to see how that effects them

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taking a break from the tour for a leg in the DenimBro LeRoy tour - will be back soon - wearing the 30's jacket though...

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So I’ve shed a bit of gut fat because I went against the family tradition by cutting out red wine from my diet. So I’m cinching the cinch a bit more than I used to and noticed some interesting butt puckering going on. Will be cool to see where this goes. 

(Still can’t post bigger than 2mb from mobile, still have to do this absurd email and resize game...)



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Greetings! I've been really, really busy at work - and posting less means posting even less, if that makes any sense. I'll get my sh*t together! Since I last posted I've celebrated my birthday, run a relay race, attended a wedding in Lisbon, gone camping, and all I have pictures of is other people. No me, no jeans. But I'll be back with a real update soon. 

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hey everybody - just got back from a trip to Iceland and visiting some good friends in Berlin. I'll share some more photos later. 



its really windy in some parts of iceland. like crazy windy. 


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 Great pic Erk and I like a lot your fit!

Greetings from Germany.

Spent the last couple days in Einbeck, beautiful village, where I had the chance to visit the PS Speicher Museum, a really impressive automotive history museum.

Here's a couple pics, sadly no pics of the jeans themselves.

German normcore




No, we don't serve craft beers here


We only sell cheap peasant lager


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Those white pocket tees by Bob Dong are great. I have 4, they feel bombproof and are standing the test of time and wear really well.

Jeans are almost ready for wash no. 2



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11 minutes ago, volvo240thebest said:

Those white pocket tees by Bob Dong are great. I have 4, they feel bombproof and are standing the test of time and wear really well.

Indeed, I have several other colors too. I especially like the contrast stitching (subtle on the white one).

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I got a pic to upload!!!! Hooray! Here’s my latest suit for my manual labor job, a sample LVC triple pleat and my 20s. Fades are starting to show on the front pockets and butt mainly. 2 soaks, no washes. 


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and what a suit it is @srudy!!!

inspired by the unholy roping of @nycsurfer530 and the fact that being a desk warrior with over-size pants means no fades whatsoever... have decided to wash whenever and let the fabric do its bizz

more tales from the washing line, with continued floral flair fare (going full hawaiian for the last week is only updateable fact of note...)









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Great updates all! 

It's been crazy hot in Gothenburg the last couple of days so the 20's have recieved some rest and mainly stolen the limelight during the evening shenanigans. 

My department and I went to a vineyard/spa called Ärsta vingård for a conference the other week. I had no clue that there even existed vineyards in Sweden. Let alone that there's 70 of them. 




I've also taken a trip to Växjö to visit a friend. We went to see Hanna Järver - one of Swedens new promising pop icons, took a walk in the woods and had fika at PM Bröd & Sovel that was crowned Swedens best café in 2018. It was alright.





Other than that it's mostly been a time of hanging out at the sea and parks.



Quick fit pic to keep this at least a little denim related!


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"Busy at work" here as well. Very little opportunity to wear the jeans as it's either been work or hot (for the UK).

managed to get some wear in at the Red Rooster festival this weekend. Really enjoyed Pokey La Farge. Kids were more impressed with fussball table. Some nice rides courtesy of the VHRA


it would appear kameisenpai is my spirit guide. IMG_0679.thumb.jpg.236b9315a8b30f462d516a044b5ea53b.jpg


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I'm still here! I've been totally occupied with wrapping up the academic year, conference travel, and moving into a house (after almost 20 years of apartments) at the beginning of May. My 20s and a tcb 30s hat in the usmc herringbone have served as my yard work, gardening, and home repairs uniform. I'll post a more robust update soon, but for now just a teaser.

Cheers, all! 


IMG_3124 copy.jpg

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Looking forward to the update mate! 

I'm finishing up a great week, reading the first book in Per Anders Fogelströms series City of my dreams, depicting Stockholm in 1860-1960. In the series we follow successive generations and their lives in the city. Don't know much about Fogelström except he was one of the major writers in modern Swedish literature, happy a friend of mine told me about the series, I really like it so far. A quick search says the series is available in english if you want a sneakpeak into Stockholms history.


Earlier this week FKP Scorpio, one of the big music festival players in Europe, arranged a one day-festival in the middle of Gothenburg. Perfect weather and performances from The National, Future Islands, Warpaint, Cigarettes after sex and Good Harvest. It was a good Wednesday.


And a little 20's love shots just because.



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helloooooo everybody!!!!!

some bartleby style moments of the weekend.

went for a walk in the fields around home to pick up wild strawberries.


fierce plastic rucksack show off. We can't that thing off her back as of late...




peasantland part II


part III




living the [peasant] dream


Architectural Digestive






22 kilos on my back for a couple km.


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Jeans, and beer belly nearly exploding.




sorry denim photos are not the best. Lighting was no good when I decided to take them. It's been a grey overcast day until I decided to take off the camera...

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I've been wearing my tcb's for a couple weeks doing grounds keeping work and other maintenance stuff for a local school division. I gave them a machine wash and left them outside to dry. they're soft with a lot of texture and a dry feel. A little peeved with how slow they're fading but that's the journey. 


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