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Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

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I cheated on the contest jeans for two days as I received a pair of re Lookus after two months wait and I had to try them out. Anyhoo I'm back at it with even more vigor and gusto!



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our own cumpà Mariano Vittori sent me some free beers. he understands my genius as next era social media influencer and asked me to do a little endorsing on Instagram which I did. The invoice I sent him afterwards was absolutely massive of course.

Anyway I'm usually a carpenter beer type of guy, not a fan of craft beers. But I managed to fake a beergasm here.
I think my interpretation come as a close second after the fake orgasm in When Harry met Sally...




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blurry photo from the alley.
I must tell I'm very happy both with the revised inseam length and with the fact I didn't put the jeans through a washing machine yet. Love the extra rise and volume this pair has compared to the old one. I've also ironed the cuffs that now are super firm.
Chris @garden gnomes in space Inoue confirmed that your pair has been shipped. @aho what about your pair? Did you receive it?


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On 20/02/2018 at 7:41 PM, Topgearskin said:

Continuing my trait for tardiness, but I have also posted mine back (through Royal Mail) last Monday. The nice lady said they would take up to two weeks. Really looking forward to receiving a new pair and getting started again.

lets hope that all will be well 

Still waiting here. My feeling of "Troubled" is now moving to concerned. Will try and contact our artisan again....

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Thanks Volvo, they showed up today.  The mailman rang and gave me all of 1.5 seconds to get to the door before he started writing upi the door tag that would require me to go to the Post Office and navigate the ignorant, elderly and uninformed to collect them so thankfully they are now in my possession taking a cold bath.  

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Taking this here to avoid boring the WAYWT general populace ;)

9 minutes ago, volvo240thebest said:

Those tcb fit you great. Not to be too self indulgent on my inseam ordering mistake but I think these fit you way better with the shorter hem!

You definitely need a denim cap now!


While it doesn't look too bad right now I'd definitely prefer a double cuff since it just stays put better. Also still dreading the second wash when they'll shrink more and they'll be way under 30" then, they're only a hair over 29" now... my preferred inseam for proper cuffing options is around 32" so I'll have to see what to do then. I can't help preferring a small single break in how my pants fit ;) If they'd ended up at 30" like you told him the problem wouldn't be too bad, I agree.

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Yesterday I recieved my first beer mail from Danish brewery Mikkeller, one of my favs. 




Also scored this Brown's beach jacket from Knickerbocker on Ebay a little while ago for ~ 120 bucks. Real nice one, I'll try to take a decent fit pic this weekend.


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to give thoughts to those who wait yes indeed! [hoping for arrivals soon]

& to say goodbyes

to those who have left the comp.

& to my big cuff

and to the raw-ish finish…

and to say hello to hair hair hair

and to r-r-ropes

and to shorter inseam…

a 40c wash

damp jeans & transformations

pix related - a most chilly blossom riddled day



















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and then a fun fact

246 years (or so) before the present

mocking of those hipsters and urban lumbersexuals who don workwear to type at their desk

those builders who wished to become architects, or move up in their trade (to be recognised as artisanal rather than a mere set of slavish hands)

were lumped together with the fad then labelled as the macaronis

(a british term for those who embraced the fashion of new fangled things from the continent too fervently)

cycles turning

pic related: a satirical rendition of a bricklayer as gentleman / macaroni


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15 hours ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

^ that really sucks!

posting my roping now dried: but can't wear any more in good conscience until knowing all those owed have been delivered.

pants off in solidarity... [if you know what i mean...]



He's responded on Instagram (FINALLY) so hopefully I'll receive a tracking number soon.

thank you for your post. It's going to be a challenge to get positivity back into this! But heck I'm up for it

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