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Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

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Nuked them in the washing machine in my dorm hot wash for 30mins and a very hot dry for 1hr


waist: 78cm

front-rise: 31

back-rise: 42.5

thigh: 31.5

knee: 25

hem: 23.5

inseam: 91.5


waist: 68cm

front-rise: 28

back-rise: 39

thigh: 30

knee: 23

hem: 22

inseam: 83

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happy easter yada yada rastafari one love tcb 20s contest

updated fit


I'm really glad I've only soaked the jeans so far, the cuff stays firm and the overall fit has more of a stovepipe vibe.


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Special for Chris


bruschetta di pane cafone con nduja calabrese di maialino nero silano e cime di rapa strascicate con aglio e peperoncino.
toilet paper is already in the freezer...


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volvo: an easter rasta: i am astounded! stovepipes are the bomb, sir!

& volvo and mandel: i am forever in astonished respect for the multi-linguists on the thread and around the world, the trials and tribulations from spelling-grammar-syntax to nationally specific double-entendres are beyond my capacities for sure...

also: great to see the triple pleat x 20s tuxes re-emerging and expanding: looking great paul t & srudy!

also: just wondering who is still waiting for their pairs beyond gnomes and aho? (feeling guilt wearing my pair whilst the days tick on for those without...)

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4 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

the forum is not working well for me, it seems like it keeps to upload a backup from a few days ago, I can't see some post I remember I saw already...

Exact same thing is happening to me. I keep commenting on a post I see and then go back and that my comment is there but the thing I was commenting on is nowhere to be found

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paid a visit to my homeland this weekend, so tcbs had their first journey: definitely comfiest jeans for travelling (yeah, travelled once in slim fit heavy oz jeans and it was my mistake). and agree, pockets could be bigger as now I am always worried that my phone will fall out. fit wise they are maybe a bit wider than I am used to but I am too old to care :D




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thats a great fit if you ask me Dau.  


I made some peasant dinner the other night.  Since I've started making homemade pizza dough, pasta etc.. I now realize that my grandma's iron grip wasn't a figment of my young imagination but rooted in the fact that she could probably beat Popeye in an arm wrestling contest. Whenever I would do something to annoy her she would get ahold of my shoulder and it felt like the hand of God.   Stirring the polenta had my arms burning after 5 minutes.  


(placeholder for mobile edit)  Ah, I dont have any pics.  I made some polenta with sausage and beans with tomato and peperoncini.  

So here's a pizza I made the other night.  Red onion, 'Nduja, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella.  Turned out fantastic.  


And for fucks sake the size limits on uploads is such a pain in the ass.  Every single mobile phone available these days put out files bigger than 2MB.  



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It's pretty close to where I grew up, on the boarder towards southern Norway. It's spelled Värmland in Swedish but you somewhat prononuce it like Vaermland.
How come you ask? Wanna come over and see all the young Volvo kids? 

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20 hours ago, garden gnomes in space said:

Fuck Im still waiting on mine

+1 on the waiting.

maybe I was lucky I didn't have to wait anywhere near this long first time around. Teetering on the brink of annoyance at this stage. Several more messages to the big man have only brought confirmation he received the pair I sent back. That was two weeks ago.

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