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Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

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Re: Portland, Nong's Khao Man Gai is a perennial favorite of mine but more on a comfort street food level than Michelin Star level. Barista is my go to for espresso (and still my favorite I can think of offhand), but I'm sure others can chime in with more!

Seattle's Din Tai Fung (downtown) is one of the better versions in the states, and as touristy as it gets, you might as well goto the Starbucks at Pike if it's your first time. The library is also notable, and you could do worse than Salumi if you're into cured meats and don't mind the Batali connection. 

That said, anything outdoors will be enjoyable in either city!

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Omakase @ Shiro's in Belltown is one of my favorite Seattle stops. You can also hike north along the western shore of Lake Union up to the Fremont neighborhood, which has an awesome basement-level vintage mall, Blue Owl Workshop, Fremont brewery, a bunch of other shops, coffee spots, and eateries, as well as both a rocket and a crazy Lenin statue in the middle of town. The Gas Works are pretty neat and worth checking out if you're up that way, too. You can actually hike a whole loop starting from Lake Union Park, if you're really up for a full day's hike (I find the community of floating houses on the eastern shore fascinating).  

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if you're downtown, go to Ancient Grounds across from the seattle art museum on 1st and university (which has a really cool feature exhibit on right now too). it's a cafe but also features several decades of the owner's collection of 17th-20th century japanese garments, fabrics, sculptures, etc. including many vintage boro textiles and other indigo-dyed fabrics. and then from there go up past pike's place and into post alley—there's a great bar there called the white horse; the owner Joe has lived downtown for ages and knows a lot of good spots in the city to point you towards as well. and then across from there down the stairs is an amazing szechuan place — I don't remember the name — but it's probably the best food I've had in seattle.

if you're east towards capitol hill go to volunteer park, the conservatory there is really nice in the summer.

for beer, holy mountain (a couple mile walk or 10 min bus ride north from downtown) is a great brewery with good food. there's also a place in fremont called outlander built in an old house—they make all their own beer in the basement and it's often pretty weird and really good. definitely recommend going there if you can!

oh also if you end up in pioneer square (just south of downtown / near the international district which is full of great small south/east asian restaurants) stop at damn the weather - prob my favourite bar in the city, amazing cocktails and food. aaron and nyah are two of the bartenders there and are great guys, say hey for me if they're in when you stop by!

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I lived in Portland for 10 years, so here are my go to's:

Coffee: I'd go to Coava, Heart, Trailhead and the original Stumptown downtown. The first 3 have some amazing coffee and great spaces. The later has decent coffee but is also where the whole Portland coffee scene started so it's cool to check out.

Beer: If you like sour's, check out Cascade Brewing Barrel House. For beer halls, Apex is rad and has a huge patio next to Los Gorditos (some of the best burritos in town) Grab a beer and some food and enjoy the Portland summer. There is also the Loyal legion which has something like over 200 taps and you don't have to tip there, so you won't have that confusion... Oh there is also Velo Cult which is a bicycle shop and bar.... Sky has an amazing collection of vintage bikes and if you are lucky he might even show you the secret basement lounge.

Food: I was vegan for all of my years up there so I'm a bit biased but just remember, every bar has food by law and it's generally really good food! Some restaurants that come to mind though are Tasty and Son's, Le Pigeon, Beast, Kachka, and Toro Bravo.

Bars: Classic dive bars would be The Standard, Sandy Hut, Reel M Inn (supposedly has some of the best fried chicken outside of the south), and my old stomping ground Clinton Street pub. For a more upscale time, there is always the Bye and Bye, Sweet Hereafter, and Dig a Poney. 

You'll notice that pretty much everything I put down is on the Eastside, stay on the Eastside.... 

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great to see the starched japanese competition

definite confusions about start time and any proposals on finishing time?

great to hear chicote online once more; my only sense of portland is the gus van sant variations/versions...

some usual details and a fit: worn this time with a chore and on the hips with belt...






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They've arrived!!!!!

looks like the parcel force or some other handler had a REAL good look at what was inside. The jeans had bEen shipped in an additional plastic liner bag. When they arrived they were outside and it was clear Where they packag had been opened.


I'll park my frustrations and just be very glad to get back on the contest.



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Happy to hear they arrived mate!

And thanks guys for all the tips, appreciate it alot! Shoot me a pm of something else comes to mind. 

Edit: Crazy laugh from this weekend in TCB tux:


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The jeans look and feel so much like the last ones that I haven’t really felt it necessary to document the same part of the process, plus I’ve been more or less living in a suitcase the past two months, but for the sake of participation I have a mini Instagram update.

Nice sunny weather here, but still cold enough to wear my most favouritest jacket that I just mended. 




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18 hours ago, garden gnomes in space said:

@Bobbo any chance you will make it to the Bay Area?

Maybe! I really want to visit San Francisco too. We're at an early stage of planning. 


I_denim: Yeah there's usually one or two going on and they last 18-24 months. Dig through the old threads, so much gold to be found there! 

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more random Italian life. Day off today as on apr 25th we celebrate Festa della Liberazione (the day Italy was finally free from fascism).






and some horny red apple to finish off!



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