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wish i was in



Found 4 results

  1. Maynard Friedman


    Time to start a new thread for TCB rather than leave it in the "Unknown Japanese Brands" one as it's very well known now. Post all your TCB non-competition stuff here.
  2. volvo240thebest

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    hello everyone! time to open this thread. We're programming a new TCB contest, this time it will be focused on the TCB 20s cut only. The sponsor of the contest will be our own @edmond and Regiment Store in Manila. Start date: sept 1st 2017 End date: march 1st 2019 Preorder deadline: july 15th 2017 Cost: USD 245, shipping included, hemming included if needed (done by TCB) Customization: it's possible to order the jeans without suspender buttons (they don't make much of a difference as far as comfort when wearing a belt, though) Payment: it's possible that payment will be via credit card only, no paypal. More details about it later... Prizes: thanks to the Asian Charles Bronson & Regiment store we'll have perhaps the most generous prize line up I've ever seen in a contest. 1st Prize = 1 jacket 1 pants 2nd prize = 1 jacket 3rd price = 1 pants 4th prize = newspaper bag 5th prize = hat or cap All TCB products! TCB 20s Replica of a 1922 pair of Levi's 501 from Hajime Inoue's personal collection. typical details of a 1920's pair of jeans, straight cut, cinchback, exposed back pocket rivets, crotch rivet, suspender buttons, iron buttons that will rust over time. Fabric: 8x8 Memphis cotton denim, 12.5 oz weight. Superb fabric, I must say! Special details, only for the contest pair custom patch, designed in Italy special pocket bag fabric, selvedge indigo duck fabric weaved on old looms. Inoue's own words: "indigo canvas can also enjoy discoloration" custom arcs, designed by Inoue, I have no pictures yet of the arcs design, but it'll be something that could be partially unpicked to reveal "proper" arcs waistband chainstitch runoff
  3. volvo240thebest

    TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    hello everybody! some time ago while discussing on the TCB thread it came out the idea of asking Inoue San @ TCB jeans to make us a denim western shirt. I've asked Inoue and he was very happy to accept our request. the shirt will get into producion very soon, so now it's time to gather all of our definitive confirmations. the first batch that Inoue will make will have limited numbers. I don't know if the shirt will be available again (I think so) but not soon, so if you like to reserve one for yourself now it's the time! here's some quick blurb on the shirt. DESIGN The Ranchman is a replica of a Levi's western shirt design from the late 40's here's the original original label FABRIC the Ranchman it's available either in raw sanforized denim or in chambray denim version chambray version LABEL FIT PICS SIZING CHART all in cm, no further shrinking to be expected ALTERATIONS Inoue San kindly agreed on modify the sleeve lenght if anyone need longer sleeves. please if you need this alteration give your exact sleeve lenght as well as your size in your confirmation post. COST the price for the Ranchman shirt (either in denim or chambray) it's 16740JPY, equivalent to 90 GBP, 140 USD or 123 EUROS according to today's currency exchange. Shipping is not included. Inoue uses EMS for shipping. PAYMENT prepayment is not needed, but your confirmation is needed now, as the first batch will have limited numbers. Payment will be done directly to TCB via paypal when the shirt is already made. Further details will be added here at a later time.
  4. New shop in San Francisco, Mission District, 1184 Valencia StreetOnline store can also be seen at www.tempodesignstore.comCarrying a selection of goods for men and women:anaïck moriceauastorflexatelier pica picabrask publicationsburgus pluschieco ceramicsde bonne factureécole de penséefog linen workharpune verlaghome workjapan blue jeansjeladojessica hansjonathan casellajoshu+velakaneko optical co.loop & weftlubok verlagmalo ateliermonoclemoonstarnieves bookssave khaki unitedshoes like potteryslowdown studiotanukitcbtrendglasvibergy’2 leatherzioxla