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Flat Head x RJB Signet collab/contest!



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  1. 1. Arcs?

    • RJB Diamonds (tonal (blue))
    • Flat Head Overseas
  2. 2. Patch?

    • RJB Black Deerskin
    • Flat Head Natural Goatskin
  3. 3. Buttons?

  4. 4. Rivets? (both are copper)

  5. 5. Pocketbags?

    • Herringbone or RJB fabric
    • Stock RJB pocketbags

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Let's do this here now!

1. Edmond

2. Hoggreaser

3. Broark

4. clt3

5. cmboland

6. volvo240thebest

7. kss447

8. Foxy2

9. SuperJackle

10. EastWest

11. itsbenhere (3005)


If anyone's unhappy with that please let me know or feel feel free to modify.


- edit, wtf is going on with my font??

If anyone wants to fix the clusterfuck that is the trebuchet font in hogs post please do!

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@Graytrain   FH seems to be on board, Ed is trying to arrange 3 different cuts( I believe including 3009 and 3005), standard FH details(?) and RJB denim. approx. 5 months(after sorting all this out) until production is done.

Edited by SuperJackle
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Idea is we're going to mix a flat head cut (ideally 3005 and 3009), with RJB's flagship Zimbabwe denim, maybe some special pocketbags but nothing crazy. Mainly getting amazing denim in great cuts.

Ed mentioned this a few days ago so I'm happy it's got a lot of support so far...

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