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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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On 11/20/2019 at 4:16 PM, Holger said:
P27-DS / BLACK / MEDIUM  / 800€ / Full Pack 9.5/10 (SS19) - sold
P34-E / BLACK / MEDIUM / 1000€ (FW19) / Full Pack 9.5/10 (FW19)
NG8-PS / BLACK / O/S / 130€ / Full Pack 9.5/10


J68-S or -WS / LARGE / RAF or BLACK

please dm with any questions or pictures!
Based in Germany. 


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wts j56-s RAF SZ L 
9/10 full packed
EURO 1310 gift and ww shipped

wts p34-E sz M brand new Euro 1050 guy and shipped 

p10a-E 9.5/10 green Euro 1050 shipped

p10a-ds 9.5/10 euro 1050 shipped

WTS j65-ak sz m euro 850 shipping worldwide

Wts p23-s sz M Euro 1200

Wts p24a-ds sz M 9/10 Euro 1700

WTS J79TS-GT SZ S 9.5/10 (EURO 1800) shipping included if we dealt before

WTS j29-px sz L 9.5/10 Sold

WTS P34-E sz M tried on like new EURO 1050 shipped 

SZ M Euro 1309
Size S sold

size S from another guy, minor scratched

Full packed
EURO 1400 shipped worldwide (dealt with me before Euro 1350)

WTS P25-DS SZ S Euro 1023 shipped worldwide (dealt before Euro 1000)

p25-ds sz S ss17 euro 900 shipped

WTS P27-DS SZ S Sold 


J46-WS SZ S OR M (9/10 at least) for AKI
Mz 5 silver (9.5/10 ABOVE) FOR FKL

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J43A-GT size large, 8.5/10, no bag or spec, 1700 USD net

CP4-WS 10/10, spec and bag, 900 USD net

P10-DS size large, 9/10, no bag or spec, 750 USD net

J25-WS size large, 10/10, spec and bag, 610 USD net

Prices somewhat flexible

WTB/WTT for:

NG4-PS, GT/S/CH-J29 size M

veilance indisce blazer black size M

Mssg for pictures and questions, can do bulk deals

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On 11/15/2019 at 10:09 PM, emenel said:

Update -- 


P23TS-CH, Night, L. 8/10, no real issues except very slight and small fade at the top of the phone pocket.

Price drop — asking $800 including NA shipping, plus fees etc. 

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WTS: 3a-7ts w/ additional laptop sleeve and 3x zippered pockets $2250


S15-DS - Large, Black

P8TS-S - Large, Black and Green (Green pair has a small repair near pocket)

E-J2 - Medium, Black

KR-SM1 - New in package

Also the pockets pictured are what I have left for 3a accessories.  If you sent me a message and didn't like my price, shoot me an offer, motivated seller.

Im looking for J48-BR in Medium, L/XL pants, Cashmere/Cashllama stuff.

I've also got some older ACR t-shirts in L/XL and a 3a-5ts Limonata I would probably let go if anyone was interested.  


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WTT/WTS: ACR T-Shirts - Stash, etc.  ***edit*** also have a Coevo x ACR Mask I could be persuaded to let go of.

Some quick pics just to get the ball rolling.  I can forward better photos this evening if need be.  If the shirt is shown twice, it means I have large and xlarge in that model.  I'm interested in J48-BR in Medium, L/XL pants, Cashmere/Cashllama stuff and other ACR t-shirts.20191206_080132.thumb.jpg.9eb033fc7e9326beb18c99870084c259.jpg















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Old pre-2014 ACR pieces - M-L , the more worn, the better

       like p13, p15, ds-j5, ss-j4, j11, e-j4ts,  p17, j22, j30, j31, e-j1a, grey melange ss-j16

Old Shorts in M-L, the more worn, the better

      like sp1-ts,  sp3-e, sp12, sp3x 


thinking of you, @xumatrix :)  both lovers of old style ACR 

and @daniel if you know of any folks who need clear some extra space in their closet, you know who to hit up ;):tongue:

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On 10/12/2019 at 12:37 AM, fasttimes said:


P10A-E Alpha Green size S 9.5/10 condition 1300USD/1900AUD shipped worldwide

P10A-DS size S 9.5/10 condition 1400USD/2060AUD shipped worldwide

J1A-GT 2.2 size S 9.9/10 condition 1850USD/2730AUD shipped worldwide SOLD

Bump. Price negotiable ✌️

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J47TS-GT Black, Medium, Full pack, 9/10

Only lightly worn a handful of times and always with a NG

$1950USD invoiced + shipped 


Acronym x Coevo White Short Sleeve Tee, Large, DS

$155USD invoiced + shipped


Just chasing cost + ship and taxes, shipping worldwide via EMS

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3a-2 and p22-s raf size m both bnwt, bundle sale for 1700 usd net


J49-SS size s full set least 9/10 condition net price 1550 usd


3a-3 bag

heavilly used and strong delamination of the surface, the logo print and the inside is fresh though. all zippers and parts work fine with no holes etc. no spec and ziplock bag. i would rate the conition as 6/10 only for its ageing, honest one.

450 usd net, for shipping and paypal fees please reply.

detail pics check



3a-6ts limonta version, no spec and ziplock. 6.5/10 condition for againg and fading, no holes of rips though. the set came with a brand new limonta mp1(no ziplock and spec too sadly), hell yeah. and a beat up mz2ts.

set price 1280 usd


P32-DS size m full set 9/10 condition no rips or damage or stain. 960 usd


updated all sale with no shipping and paypal fee included.

also i could hear you, so some old acrnm items added too :) 


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