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  1. This is by far my favourite ACRNM feature in anything. I love it so much, I've been tempted to take all my other pants to a tailor and have one added.
  2. I like this game. ---- emenel -- Matt // Toronto&Copenhagen // Musician - Installation Artist - Interaction Designer - Teacher ]] Function && Aesthetic && Pockets && Jeejaws && Cyberspace Decks ----
  3. Even if it's a full 30%, the total is still over $100 less than local retail. :/
  4. Yeah, I get it. I don't mind how they deal with it on a lot of the new all black models, it's pretty subtle and is even more so on-foot. I still love my, now very worn, EQT Support All Black...
  5. On the more affordable end of the spectrum, I'm digging these.
  6. Thanks @TEKsevenZERO and @Toilettebun. I placed my order. For anyone else in Canada thinking of getting Level Runners, ordering them directly from RO is over $300 cheaper than buying them retail in Canada. There might be some fees on import, but it won't be that much.
  7. Thanks! Any thoughts on the sizing?
  8. Oh yeah? A comfort issue?
  9. Ok, follow up. I may have the budget for one of these two shoes, but really can't decide. Anyone want to weight in? I'm trying to decide between the new "black" Level Runner or these original Tech Runners:
  10. Yeah, I just looked at the RO site and those ones are black. But I saw them at the shop last week and they were absolutely navy blue. There's also a pair on Grailed right now that show visible difference in color between the leather and the black laces. Not really sure what the deal is. Edit: Just looked around a lot, and they all list black. What I saw at the store really felt more navy, but now I'm second guessing myself... maybe it was the lighting? Maybe the black leather die lot is just not true black? ... Has anyone else seen them in person?
  11. I love these new Level Runners, probably my favourite ///xRO (thanks @danii ) since the Tech Runner. I just wish this new iteration came in all black! That navy is super tempting though, might be hard to wear with black pants...
  12. I just picked them up after trying on a black pair at the main brand store in Toronto. I wasn't sure when I first saw them, as I love the fit of my Apparats and Voronoi from seasons past, but when I tried on the Field Pants I really like them on.. especially with a little roll on the cuff. No kidding. I checked out the new Nomin at the shop, and while it's really nice I can't see how it's worth double the price of the previous versions. If I didn't have an older Nomin and needed a backpack now I'd look at Outlier.
  13. WTB: P17 and/or P15 size M or L, open to whatever colours. Thanks!
  14. Seems like a hot ticket right now, but I'll throw my name into the pool. WTB P17, size L, interested in any colour or fabric that's available. May also be into P15. Could trade J25-WS L if that's of interest.
  15. Yeah, I've seen a few there too. But they're usually overpriced and there's no way to negotiate or have a conversation. There's one there now, but the guy's asking too much. No guarantees I still won't cave and buy it if it's there long enough.