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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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2 hours ago, KMRGR said:

Thanks to

@Wklcarl for being a man of his word and a Yoda to the community

@chaosen for making things buttery smooth and being a pleasure to buy from

Happy 2020 mates B) 


thanks and happy 2020 to all brothers here. may all of us get what we want. may E continue excellent design. may our acronym items live long....

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On 7/15/2019 at 5:11 PM, Konzentriert said:

P24A-DS bought.

Price dropped.


J65-KM M 8.5/10 500 EUR ++

J36-S XL BLK 10/10 1450EUR ++

J61-GTV S TRIED ON for 1 min 1700EUR all in


J41-GT S/M


P33-DS S

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On 10/27/2019 at 8:47 PM, junchengjc said:

WTB/WTT (all in size S)
J72-DS Black
P24A-S Raf

can offer the following for trades (all in size S)
J36-S (Bicolor Raf Body)
J74-PX (White)


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WTS: (Updated / New Items / Price Drops)

J47-GT size small, full pack, 9.5/10 condition - Net $1300

J57TS-SS size small, 9/10 condition - Net $950

LA5-MP black size medium, 9.5/10 condition - Net $500

3a-MZ3 BLK foil - 9.5/10 condition - Net $350

3a-MZ3 SVR foil - 9/10 condition - Net $350

J63-PB size small, full pack, 9.9/10 condition - Net $1150

SISP Silver Mist flight jacket, size L, 9.5/10 condition - Net $550

SISP Chelsea slip-on Boots, size 8, 8.5/10 condition - Net $320

SISP Wool Beanies (black and charcoal), 9.9/10 condition - Net $70 each

SISP Poplin Shirt black, size M, 9.5/10 condition - Net $100

LF1 Multi, size 8.5, 9.5/10 condition - Net $350

LF1 Pink (dyed at bodega), size 8, 9.5/10 condition - Net $350

3A-MTS4 (original ver) black, 9/10 condition - Net $200

3A-11TS (fits ipad pro 11 inch), 10/10 condition - Net $500

11byBBS x Salomon Bamba 2, white with steel overdyed tones, size 9, 9/10 condition - Net $475

Acronym Blame T shirt (back color graphic), size M, 9.5/10 condition - Net $140

Acronym Blame T shirt (front text graphic), size M, 9.5/10 condition - Net $140

Acronym Roborace Beanie, 9.9/10 condition - Net $90

Acronym Vapormax Promo T, Black, 9.5/10 condition - Net $100

Kostas Seremetis T (half terminator / half nightmare before christmas) size L, 9.5/10 condition - Net $200

Acronym Presto Olive, size XS, 8/10 condition - Net $400



j1a-gt 2.0 size small for j1a-gt 2.0 size medium

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On 1/1/2020 at 7:17 PM, mikon_nikon said:


P10-S RAF. SS18.
7.5 - 8 / 10.
no damage or staining, just light fading from wear.
touch too small for me.
bag and spec included (as is e-receipt from mothersite if required)


Pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/kiF7TwG

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On 12/28/2019 at 3:36 PM, mikon_nikon said:


Presto white / black / yellow US10.
Presto cool grey / black US10.

Both worn for about an hour. Conservative 9/10 (closer to 9.9 / 10)

€100 per pair (+shipping +fees).
€200 shipped for both.

Pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/mkdd7FE

*note: there's a small dust stain on the very front of the left toe box on the white / black / yellow pair. barely visible, but it's there.

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WTT: SS-J2, Melange grey, size M, great condition, jacket + both tapes (or sell for 290$+shipping+fees)

DS-HD2, Dust color, size M, 8/10 (see pictures), jacket+both tapes (trade only)

Interested in tops in S-M, bottoms in XS/S.






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Found tapes for SS-J2
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FS: J16-GT Medium

$1,400 USD + shipping

Full pack

Just washed this with Grangers. Pictures incoming. Just go find it on grailed, I ended up getting rid of a stubborn dirt mark on the rubber zipper, so any other flaws were too small to photograph.

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On 12/28/2019 at 3:03 PM, Mixture said:


J36-S Bicolor (black body/raf sleeve) Size L - $2k Net - Price drop $1.9k

Condition -  Like new, full set

P10A-DS Size M - $OLD

Condition: 8.8/10 regular wear never been washed or soak; full set.

Set 2 Full Set Size L - 1k net 

Condition: 8.5/10 pill on both thighs not noticeable when worn, the rest of the fabric is good.



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19 hours ago, nathan_ said:

Potential WTT for my J1a-GT 2.0 for your 2.2

Size S full pack with cash your way. 

Great condition, 9/10 at least, reason for trade is that I prefer the 2.2 collar.



I'd be interested in trading my Medium 2.2 for a 2.0, sorry I can't help you with a small.

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Happy New Year guys.


GT-J29A - Size XL but fits L (I am large in everything Acronym and the L was too small for me). Practically a 10/10, only every worn twice since I bought it new from mothership and kept perfectly, no marks stains, nothing, labels look brand new. Full bag, spec sheet, and receipt from Acrnm. Asking original 2013 Acronym retail for it - €1200 / $1350 including worldwide tracked postage.

P15-S Black size L - Well worn but still in great shape but some fading in places, 7-8/10. Bag and sheet. €400 / $450 including worldwide tracked postage.

Happy to provide pics on request, just DM me. Also might consider trades, just drop me a line.

Might throw a couple of other classics up as well as I'm having a bit of a clear out.

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