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  1. WTS J1b-S, raf green, size S, excellent condition, full pack.900$ + shipping (35$) + pp fees SOLD P9-S, olive, size S, 7/10 condition, SOLD Will be able to ship in about week or so, when I return home. May be interested in trades, PM me! Also found 3A-E1-L, has some marks (see photos), which perhaps can be cleaned-I haven't tried. Full pack, 50$, SOLD
  2. 2.5 years after... Current config. Not that hyped laminate shit, old school))
  3. Nevermind
  4. Sorry, not my business at all, but is it hard to help for nothing in return? I guess he would invite you anyway, if you didn't mention it, and even if your help wasn't for free. Or maybe I'm just not understand something?
  5. WTB P11-CH, black, S size HCW-C1, S size T-shirts from older seasons (T1, T6, etc.) in size S or M Know I'm probably just wasting my time, but will try anyway
  6. SOLD
  7. What's the fair price for them?
  8. WTS SISP pants, size 46, worn twice, with tags, as new condition. 140$ SISP reflective pants (52193002) in rare size 44, BNWT. 140$
  9. SOLD
  10. If someone could scan and send me some specsheets, I would be most grateful! Pl-J1(with hood version), DS-H2, SS-J2, SS-J2W, SS-J4, 3a-3TS (limonta), P1TS-S
  11. Recently was looking through my acronym collection, and found 2 spare jacketslings from S-M size. If anyone needs, I can give you them for free Sorry, no more slings avaiable
  12. Someone please sold him p24TS
  13. I have several items in brugnoli (s14, hd4, la4, c1), and use them very often-great soft cotton and top quality. The models I have are great for everyday use cause of their "simplicity". Upcoming 48 models are not for me, cause of these zippers on the whole hood and white stripe. Simple black hoodie will be much better. And also, for example the retail on hd4-br was about 200€, and it is acceptable. Spending almost 600 € on cotton hoodie is insanity imo. Hope you understand what I mean cause my English sucks
  14. He is not from the Acronym community give something useful to the group, at least your opinion, fit pics,etc and only then post WTB. If not - welcome to Grailed, half of the items he seeks are/were there