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    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    So all you want to condemn me for selling something for more than what I paid for it. One I can list it for whatever the HELL I feel is appropriate. If you don't want to buy shut the fuck up and keep scrolling. Also if your going to talk shit also give me props when I'm saving people money. The J1A-GTKP I listed is for 350 less than what I got it for and is BRAND NEW and the p17-ch I listed for sale is listed for 100 less than why I paid and the p23A-DS is listed for exactly what I paid. You want to talk shit on here condemning me over the price hike and not looking at the other side of the coin can go fuck them selves. Everyone I've ever dealt with I've never fucked over anyone or has had a bad transaction. Won't say shit to someone in person but will just call out the negative about something on here.
  2. owetoe540

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS (All prices in USD, includes shipping in the US, add for international shipping and PayPal fees) J1A-GTKP sz L brand new 1750 P17-ch 9/10 sz small only pants night color 1000 P10A-E 9/10 sz XL full pack black color 1000 P23A-S 8/10 sz med full pack raf color 1000 P23A-DS 9.5/10 sz med full pack 1550 WTT-(looking for & can offer any of above +/- cash for following) J73-ws sz L or XL J59ts-ch sz med or L J47A-WS sz L or XL
  3. owetoe540

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB any Acronym tops made out of Dryskin fabric. Sizes large and XL Not positive of every model/iteration I apologize. Anyone have any for sale?
  4. owetoe540

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Major shout out to @Wklcarl. Hong Kong to NY in 4 days. Shipped/ordered on the 8/7 and received today 8/11. Incredibly fast shipping, the pants are perfect 10/10 and took extra care in the packaging to make sure spec sheet would not crease in transit. This guy can't be beat. Highly recommended Acronym FAM.
  5. owetoe540

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Just wanted to give credit where credits due. I bought item from @mangosushi and transaction couldn't go smoother. F&F payment and received my new 3A-2 and it's better than anticipated, so if your interested in doing business with him do not hesitate.
  6. owetoe540

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J78-WS sz XL full pack brand new (only tried on) 1000++ P23A-S sz small, black, full pack, 8.5/10 1300++-SOLD P17-CH size small, only pants, 8.5/10 1100++ J36-S, Size large, black, full pack 8/10 1400++ prices in USD
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