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Levi's Vintage Clothing

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On 8/9/2021 at 4:04 PM, Dry said:

In my opinion, the 1937 501XXc made in 1998 are the best! They are currently available deadstock all 36 length in waist sizes 31, 32 and 33* (* only a few left). https://item.rakuten.co.jp/codet-r/levis-37201-0003/



Hi @Dry, what is the actual size of your 1937 501xxc tagged 31 ? did they shrink a lot after soak/wash ? I'm wearing size 30 in LVC 1955 and wondering which size for the 1937 i should get

thanks in advance!


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you can buy newer production 66 501s made with kaihara denim from japanese sites. intriguing! seem these haven't been available for purchase in the west for years. 

anyone have firsthand experience with them? apologies if i missed some discussion of this, i looked and didn't find it.

rakuten listings all seem to have the same copy- must be supplied by LVC (japan?)- size up 2 in the waist, inseam measures at 86cm raw but then shrinks 5 or 6cm.

don't really trust levi's advice at this point... would be great to get measurements from someone with a newer pair... anyone?


related- anyone know if there were L36 pairs in smaller waist sizes while the 66s were miUSA with cone denim (W29, W30, W31)? Never see L36s, just L34s & L32s... and just to confirm, those were typically true to  waist size after washing?

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Need some advice on the new jacket please.

Fit is perfect on the body but arms are too long.

If I give it a cold soak, then put just the arms in much hotter water for a bit is this likely to shrink the arms a bit and not much body wise or is it going to cause any issues I haven't thought of`?

It's still crispy atm but don't mind it being softer.

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1 hour ago, JMS said:

You can try the targeted hot soak of the arms. I have the same jacket, and I find the fit perplexing. 

A slightly weird thing is that I can't find anything showing what factory this was made in?

Nothing on the buttons and nothing on the inner labels, although there is a tear-off Made in USA tag.

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12 hours ago, generic_guy said:
Picked up an LVC 70505 0217 from eBay and thought I'd do a couple of comparison pics with my original vintage one.
Both labelled as size 46 but the new version is much longer.


I wonder why Lvc have tweaked the design of their type 3 so much, l guess it's to accommodate more modern tastes in style or how something is worn or used? The pocket shapes and pocket flaps are so much squarer and boxier than their previous iterations of this Lvc design (c.2000-2010) maybe it's to fit more digi-gadgets in them?

I'm also suprised that they didn't 're-imagine' the handwarmer pockets as they've lengthened it, artistic licence and all that. 

Your og type 3 is gorgeous btw.


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Collection just released on their UK website.

Hard not to be better than the laughable 90s collection but nothing great again.

One nice looking jacket in an on page ad but can't see it for sale?



Also notice they now only go up to 36" waist so wouldn't be able to buy any even if I wanted to.

Weird that a US brand is doing much more limited sizes than many Japanese brands but I guess LVC is on it's last legs nowadays so maybe makes sense.

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The thing is when you look at both jackets the arms look to be similar proportions.

However the body is quite a bit longer in the modern remake so the arms are actually far too long.

The really annoying thing is I also have a 557 repro and the arms on that are a bit short, if it were possible to average out the arms they'd be perfect :P

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22 hours ago, Hoohoodunit said:

Can anyone advise on 66' 501 sizing? Currently wearing W38 47's and W36 55's.


Be the same as your 55’s from experience. Where are you seeing 66 for sale? I’m after a new pair

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On 3/14/2022 at 2:09 PM, somatoform said:

I don't know if I'm double posting this or not. My first attempt didn't go through. Anyway, '66 specs in size 36 courtesy of naoki:

"The waist is 46.5cm, upper thigh is 34cm, front rise is 30.5cm, back rise is 39cm and leg opening".

What’s the leg opening size these days? Thanks 

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