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  1. somatoform

    The Flat Head

    Interesting.I'll have to double check. But I cannot do the 3005 and 3009 in the same size. My sold 3009 in size 36 had a raw 13.5" thigh and shrunk down to 13". My 3005 starts with a raw upper thigh of 13.75" My raw 3009 in 38 is similar in upper thigh to my 3005 size 36. It's possible that when FH gets up to the bigger sizes the thigh measurements between the two models shifts in favor of the 3005 being bigger.
  2. somatoform

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I have no idea if the Kaihara denim Levis uses for its bespoke program has any relation to the Kaihara used in their LVC line, but here are some pics of the 14oz Kaihara denim used for their bespoke program (all images from Permanent Style). It's nice. For the comparison to Cone: https://www.permanentstyle.com/2018/05/how-great-things-age-levis-bespoke-jeans.html
  3. somatoform

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Anyone know of the SC 41872 - the SC 1947 model in deadstock fabric, made in the US? I just noticed them in the catalog cusswords linked to above. I never knew SC made a 13oz version of the 1947. Is the 13oz cut the same as the 14oz cut?
  4. somatoform

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Aero Leather Clothing?
  5. somatoform

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Unionmade is having 50% off sitewide, including everything LVC, of which they mainly have small sizes, except a 38 1966. It's a goldmine if you're a size 30.
  6. somatoform

    Full Count Denim Thread

    BiG has 4 models up in one wash. The 0105 is a mightily sized jean. Size 34 one wash has an 18" back rise. That's a lot of back rise. The leg opening is bigger by about 3/4 of an inch. The front rise seems bigger, as does the thigh and knee. Not a fan.
  7. somatoform

    The Flat Head

    I bought them from 2nd Japan, but they should be all the same. I scored one of the older models, from 2014 I believe, so they were even cheaper.
  8. somatoform

    The Flat Head

    Size 36 raw 3005: waist: 18" across waist band not aligned front rise: 12" back rise 16.5" leg opening: 10" upper thigh: 13.75" to 14" - I measure at crotch total fabric across the leg; I don't stop at any seams upper thigh: from the inside leg seam attached to the crotch and across the leg 12.75" to 13"
  9. somatoform

    The Flat Head

    I can see where the confusion lies. Self edge is not accurate for upper thigh and back rise, even accounting for their one inch down on thigh measurement, it's still not 12.5" for a size 36. I have a 36 raw FH 3005 sitting in my closet (no, it's not for sale). I'll check tomorrow for you, but off the top of my head upper thigh BiG style measures more like 13.75" to 14" upper thigh and back rise is like 16", maybe 16.5. My 36 3009 shrunk from about 13.5" upper thigh to 13", so expect the 3005 size 36 to settle at about 13.5 upper thigh after all shrinkage is done. I'll give you precise full measurements for the whole jean tomorrow.
  10. somatoform

    Levi's RED

    I'm not familiar with the Levis RED label, but I did have a pair of what were known as Levis Engineered jeans circa 2007 which were identical to what you guys are posting here as Levis RED. Mine had a raw look to the denim, identical to what a raw LVC denim looks like. I bought mine in Asia. I assumed then that they were a Europe/Asia thing.
  11. somatoform

    The Flat Head

    Hard to say. Founders keep things intact, often stubbornly. Anytime the founder of something moves along certain aspects of his brand that remained core to the brand may move along with him. Then again, he's also the same guy who insisted on making shirts with an odd chest to shoulder proportion (odd by a lot of shirtmakers' standards) based, ostensibly, on his own personal frame. And he also came up with blue suede arcs. So some things moving along may not be such a bad thing. I hope they don't touch the 3009. I have a 1005 and 3005. I just want a 3009. I had one from Japan in a smaller size than I need and post shrink it was an absolute no go, but great silhouette. Also, a FH slant pocket denim western shirt in Western sizing (like they had before) would be very nice. I'm sure they could expand their leather jacket range. There seems to be no shortage of FH leather jacket fans.
  12. somatoform

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Yeah, but if Zidane were a Sufu or SF member he would say, "I've got big thighs". Except he would be legit. Interestingly, he's in Madrid, no? Tightest man jeans I ever saw in my life was in Madrid.