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Levi's Vintage Clothing

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14 hours ago, Mongmeohotdau814 said:

can you share the measurements before and after the soak?  by big measure

I did not take measurements before (because there's no point imo)

But here are the measurements after (size L - 42)


Chest : 56cm - 22in



Bottom : 52cm - 20.5in



Lenght : 60cm - 23.5in



Arms : 60cm - 23.5in



Made in Japan



It is really boxy, I would call it vintage fit (kind of baggy arms)

So it's pretty confortable and you can layer effortlessly (I'm 5'11 - 170lbs, with a big chest)



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I know LVC were quite proud of having denim milled specifically to match the era of the model. Would the jeans from 1963 have been made from the same denim as those from either the mid-50s or the mid-60s or would they have used something different and unique to them? If the latter, then it seems unlikely there would have been anything made specifically for a 1963 model, given Cone closed down a few years back so they’re likely using some fabric bolts made for the 55 or 66 models.

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54 minutes ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

I heard this rumor quite often over the years 


4 minutes ago, Maynard Friedman said:

Those whispers can be found in the LVC thread on the ghost ship Denimbro.

Yeah but seems more than a rumour from what I read. Anyway LVC does not have much good things to offer if you compare them to the Japanese repro brands. Gone are the days of Cone Denim and the Sawtooth and Sunset shirts (those were great). They might blend it in with the main line, who knows. Time will tell.

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3 hours ago, Dry said:

Yes. They are pre 1971 selvedge unsanforized and shrink to fit. The pics were posted on 19th October 2021 on Page 748.

That’s a nice pair you’ve got! Cool that it’s your size. I’ve got a 605-0217 in that same font style, sadly too small for me. Great denim. So we have two fabric types here (both selvedge):

0117 Shrink to fit

0217 Pre-Shrunk

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