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    Thanks!! Do you know roughly what yours stretch to after a day or two of regular wear?
  2. Hoohoodunit


    Just ordered the one wash DD-1001xx 47s in a 32 and 33 to try and determine best size. Can anyone comment on how much remaining shrink and stretch to expect on this model?
  3. Hoohoodunit


    Anyone own both the 800xx and 1001xx? I have a 33 in 800xx, and curious what size in 1001’s I should go… waist on my 800s are snug, but stretched out to be perfect. Wouldn’t mind a smidge more room in the thigh, but keep the hem close to 8”
  4. Hoohoodunit

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Sizing help please! Will a pair of pre-washed/distressed LVC’s fit the same as a raw pair that’s been fully shrunk in the same tag size? Been reading through posts and sizing guide, but haven’t seen it spoken to. I wear 33 in Warehouse 800xx & Unbranded 301, size 2 in Orslow 105, and 32 in Iron Heart 634 - was hoping for a slightly more relaxed fit and got a 33 in a pre-washed/distressed pair of LVC 55s and am completely swimming in them. Now considering a size 32 in the raw 55s, but unsure if that’s a wise choice
  5. Hoohoodunit

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I believe the shoes are Seavees and the shirt is by God’s True Cashmere
  6. Hoohoodunit


    Favorite pair of jeans so far - 105 2 Year Wash Somehow seem to feel different fitting to my 105 One Wash in the same size and almost identical measurements!?
  7. Hoohoodunit

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    (First time posting here) Long shot, but figured if possible, this was the place to ask...! Any chance anyone can identify which model of 501s Brad Pitt has been wearing? I’m thinking 67 or 77 given the taper but unsure. Any insight would be appreciated! thanks
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