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Roy. (expurgated edition)


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I don't feel like the measurements are very representative of the fit. The length measurement especially seems like it could be a bit exaggerated based on the photo where there is an inch and half above the shoulder seam being included compared to how I normally measure at least. I am 5' 11" 165lbs and the medium Baja shirts is probably the best fitting shirt I own. The medium also does not look too long in the fit photos on the site and the model is 5' 9"

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Roy Charcoal BBQ shirt in a size M, the shirt was pretty big on me initially but after a hot soak it shrank up to a pretty good size, especially in the length. Really loving this shirt so far, looking forward to wearing it a lot when it heats up over the summer!


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Unlike many of you, I love the length of Roy's shirts, as well as shoulders that actually fit on the shoulders.  But I'm an old, old guy and have even been known to do the unthinkable -- tuck in a shirt.  You can untuck a longish shirt but a short shirt won't stay tucked in (the shirt version of butt crack on jeans).  Back in the day, when I was wearing original STF 501's and hanging with McQueen, Newman, Brando, and Hayashi-san, it was common for well made shirts to fit well in the shoulders.  But then 'designers' like Ralph Lauren realized they could make a shirt more cheaply, with less attention to detail and good fit, by just making the shoulders big and slouchy on everyone.

I realize this post reveals my age, bias, and contrary thinking, but every once in a while I gotta go against the grain and risk a little mockery and down voting.  Roy makes a great shirt that I would buy in a heartbeat if only for one thing -- you guessed it, long sleeves.  Roll em up on a hot day.


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I tuck in quite a lot of my shirts. My issue is the fact that this is a short sleeve shirt and I can't stand tucking those in. I regularly tuck in many of my long sleeve shirts, depending on the length. Some shirts (most RJB and Flat Head shirts) are not meant to be tucked in due to their short length.

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1 hour ago, longshanks said:

Thanks @dudewuttheheck! Before the soak it did feel a bit too long and it's still a little longer then I would normally wear but it's growing on me. I might give it a quick dryer spin after I wash it just to try and get as much shrink out as possible. 

It's still a great looking shirt and overall the fit is good. The length thing is a personal preference issue. I wish it didn't bother me so much, but then again the shoulders would never fit right on me :( 

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Why all the criticism regarding the length? If anything Roy's earlier shirts were all a little too short, this appears to address that problem!

Which brings me to the question why was the previous short sleeve (red) shirt called the "Baja" shirt? That's not a Baja!

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On 5/1/2017 at 2:54 PM, MJF9 said:

Roy SF01 with sporadic wear since March 2013. This back reference made me realise how dark they were initially... https://www.heddels.com/2013/03/the-roy-sf01-special-fit-jeans-just-released/ and how stiff. The overall construction is spot on, especially the duck front pockets and duck lined back pockets and loving how the pockets have faded, the stitching and how comfortable they are. Plenty of happy days left in these.

+ Real McCoys, Honest Thomas kikko stamped belt, Skulls wallet, Converse.












Your pair looks awesome.  Who made your wallet chain?

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