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1 hour ago, mpukas said:

what's sizing for the 800XX? I've seen some descriptions to size up 1-2 sizes. Size charts for 1 wash/rinsed seem like the waist runs a little small. I usually wear a 34 in most brands/cuts. Sizing up to a 36 to get the waist seems like it would be big everywhere else. 

I own several Warehouse jeans in size 31 and my 800s are size 33.  They fit almost the exact same as the 31s.

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On 1/21/2022 at 2:17 PM, wmb said:

I picked up a pair of 1000XX Dead Stock  -- can someone explain the difference between these and the 1001XX?  they are both 40's repros I believe.



1000XX Dead Stock blue is a '46 model in fit & construction/detailing with their newly developed DSB denim, which has a finish that makes it appear oxidized as if it has been sitting in a warehouse for decades (hence the "dead stock") 

1001XX is their Duck Digger model which they have released different year models of, all I believe are done in their "banner denim" which is a blend of 3 different american cottons, based on an original Levis 30s advertisement banner. The 1001XX standard version (I assume) is a '47 model, the year widely believed to be the gold standard for the 501. I believe the DD series focuses primarily on accuracy in the details/construction of their respective year versions, but not necessarily the fabric as they have 20s & 40s models using what would technically be a 30s fabric... 

I also just picked up a pair of the DSBs when they re-stocked at Hinoya but will probably keep them on ice for a while. 

Similar thoughts to flash @Flash I find the banner denim a bit underwhelming, and excited to see how this DSB denim works out. Pictures do not really do the fabric justice, the oxidation effect is subtle and almost gives it a grey hue. 

Here is a quick pic next to some worn in DD Banner denim 


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On 1/23/2022 at 3:08 PM, Cold Summer said:

You might like the 14.5 oz Memphis denim Flash, they make the 1001 with it occasionally (and of course, it's always used on the 800xx.) Starts out darker, has a deeper sort of shade to it. This is a great example of how it ages.

I have a old 1000xx in this 14,5 denim which i like more than this 1951 model.But i love the fit and this is my fave for hot summer days. 

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soaked the 1000XX DSB's. I really like this '46 fit -- not too extreme with the rise or fullness.  It is really well done.  I have a couple of pairs of Duck Diggers, which I think are in the banner denim, a 47 and 50's pair with a zipper.  The 1000XX seem of a much higher quality all around.  


Thank you @fooleo for the helpful post 

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On 1/21/2022 at 7:17 PM, wmb said:

I picked up a pair of 1000XX Dead Stock  -- can someone explain the difference between these and the 1001XX?  they are both 40's repros I believe.

I think that as a general rule, 1000XX models use 14.5oz denim and 1001XX use 13.5oz.

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On 1/28/2022 at 1:02 AM, dawei94 said:

Any details on cut, fabric, details, or price that you can share?

hello theyre a 46 cut but  very slightly bigger thighs

fabrics the ww2 fabric dark and a little heavier

4 buttons on the fly 

price is 311 usd plus 20 dollars shipping via fedex  if your buying more than a pair add 5 dollars per pair for shipping 


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My first pair of WH jeans. 800XX, size 36. With so much WH love, I had FoMo. Ordered from Hinoya last Sunday, shipped FedEx and arrived in CO on Wednesday. Crazy fast shipping! 

I took everyone's advice and sized up. I find them a bit big, but a 34 would have been snug. They feel a lot bigger than they look in pics. They came one-wash. I washed and dried them to get any additional shrink out. After 3 days wear, they've stretched out. So, maybe a 34 would have been ok? The denim was rough at first, but softened a lot. Honestly, I'm kinda underwhelmed. I knew they are basic details, repro cut of some sort. Just different from what I've become accustomed to. I find the cut strange - small in the waist and wide in the hips. Reminds me of what folks used to say about Samurai S510 having saddle bags. The S510 in size 34 fits me a lot better. 




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