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Ande Whall Denim


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16 hours ago, Broark said:

Feel similarly about wanting a pair of Ande’s jeans. Should’ve taken advantage of it when he was still making them. 

Same here. I found out about Ande's stuff back in 2015 or thereabouts but I was stil relatively new to the whole raw/selvedge denim thing. I don't recall what Ande charged for his jeans ($350?) but at the time I couldn't afford it. Now, his jeans are one of my grail items. I'm sure they're rare as hens teeth these days

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8 hours ago, Bobbo said:

That seller's name sounds familiar ;)

I still got my pair of double black jeans but as I never really wear black...well, they are pretty unworn :D

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1 hour ago, Maynard Friedman said:

What are the DenimHeads, were they a Special Roll? ShovelHeads perhaps?

They are the SR12s, with the DenimHead pocket bags. And also the shovelhead back pockets.

(SR12s on the right).




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Thinking about putting my streaky denim Cougars up on ebay. Think I got them in 2009, but they were really tight then and don't fit now. That was before the earthquake that destroyed the shop. They have some cool details that Ande didn't include in his new designs.


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Finally pulled out my standard roll Ande Whalls to start breaking in this summer. They were bought just before Andy closed up shop, with the optional shovel-head shape and partial lining on the back pockets. Really lovely lighter-weight denim, the color seemed to have a subtle greenish, greyish cast while fading that is quite unique. I wonder what mill his standard roll came from, and whose denim nowadays is probably most similar (maybe Stevenson’s?) - there’s no replacing Andy’s work, but another pair in this denim would be very welcome.


Anyway, photos...



Love these low-profile rivets, and the fading of his cotton-poly threads is impressively similar to 100% cotton.


Patch is starting to crack a bit and get uneven coloring despite my conditioning efforts. Such a statement chunk of leather.



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They look great @FeloniousMonk, what cut are they? I’m not sure but I think that denim might be from Kuroki mills.

EDIT: that much fading this summer, wow!

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@Maynard Friedman Thanks, Kuroki mills would fit with the similar cast and fading of the Stevenson standard denim from there. Theirs and Ande’s brand-specific denims are among my very favorite so far - lots of little variation and interest that comes through in the fades while still feeling quite soft, regular, and light enough for hot weather.

@Geeman it’s probably been about 7-8 months of heavy wear - saying “this summer” is definitely an exaggeration. I wore them every now and again since getting them in fall 2016, but never had them “in rotation”.  Around April when the weather got warm, I decided this was their year and wore them A LOT (including all the washes that come with that wear in a sticky NYC summer) until they needed their first (minor) repairs this September. Just got them back from SENY this week and can’t wait to see what next summer will do to them.

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  • 2 months later...

If anyone is interested, I will sell my pair of Ande Whall Mustang. They are made out of the double black denim. The size is 34x34, only worn a handfull of times.

Pictures can be seen here:


Waist: 36 (waist is stretched out by roughly 1")
Front rise: 11.25
Back rise: 15.5
Thigh: 12.5
Knee: 8.6
Leg opening: 7.75
Inseam: 35


PM me for details :)

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I’ll post some update photos of my double black Buffalos once the light improves. They’re fading pretty quickly for the relatively infrequent wear they get. Once they go beyond a certain stage though I’ll probably say “f@*k it!” and wear them full time. They’ve got more leg time recently since I rediscovered my (black) Paraboots, as I’m enjoying the stealth look!

Please note - this is not my middle-aged attempt at Goth Ninja...

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2 hours ago, ColonelAngus said:


Those black Ande Whalls are tempting. My size too. But, I’m on a spending freeze right now 

Dang man! Not tying to encourage bad spending, but if I remember right you were pining for a pair even before Ande closed up shop!

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