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Ande Whall Denim


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1 hour ago, heyson said:

I was sad to see that Andy passed. RIP

ande whall passed?

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I never knew he got into art, and I loved to see that he did.

It makes it even worse that he took his own life. People never talk about that shit that way when it happens but having personally known three people in recent years who have done it I think it’s pretty dangerous to ignore that fact. I wish he’d gotten the help he needed, he clearly still had a lot to give and a lot of people to reach with his work. 

RIP to a true creative soul. 

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Damn.. Im heading to chch next week and was going to see if he wanted to catch up for a beer :( been a couple of years since ive been down that way and im shit at staying in touch with people. 

Sad as, scrolling back through old messages, last one was me randomly checking in on him to see if he was ok just over a year ago.

The guy he presented on line was pretty true to him IRL. He was a chill bogan that was always with his mates drinking and smoking and having good chats. Last time I saw him he was wearing fugly cargo shorts and the rest of us were wearing his jeans, he was stoked as to see so many pairs in one place all with decent wear on them. It was the middle of summer and he ended up going on a bender and having a violent hangover. Rest in bogan peace.

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