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Got to be honest - while I hope your purchase works out for you - as soon as something gets the hype treatment I'm invariably out, so that's Mr Freedom on the one hand and Gustin on the other. I just don't like either. 


If you struggling for info on Masterson, you really need only read the two threads on Denimbro - it's good stuff. The Roy of shirts perhaps?


Incidentally - the Gustin forum members Lawless gatecrash thread at DB is hilarious and prime reason why I can't associate with the brand  :D  :D

HG - I don't disagree. I know little about Gustin, and their stuff is uninteresting and too trendy, but I'm willing to take a shot at their work shirt. 


I'll check out DB for Masterson info. Thnx! 

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This McCoy herringbone workshirt at Pirates is an excellent shirt, IMHO. Simple details, and done well. Only thing I would change is a double button cuff and a gauntlet button. 




<snip>  my personal tastes and snarky comments don't need to bring this great thread down. removed. <snip>


edit - I don't care where a shirt is made - USA, Japan, Union or not, some trendy hipster caterer like Gustin - if it's well thought out, well made with refined details, and good fabric, I'll buy it. But if it's got weird funky details, or if it's trying too hard to be something special when it's not, then forget it. 

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Mpukas - I feel like this thread is lost on you from what you've said.

Going by your comments I would recommend you stick to Oxford shirts as they are almost exactly what you have described when detailing what you don't like about work shirts.

Most of the features your not keen on were (originally) design features created specifically for workers requirements, period correct in terms of cultural norms - throat latch for example or the result of the makers restrictions of the time such as limitations in design, machinery and fabric etc.

I appreciate that Some features are now mixed and embellished in a lot of these designs but, I think these subtle variations and design choices are what we find interesting.

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UkeNo - no, this thread is not lost on me. Perhaps my taste is not yours. Perhaps you've misunderstood, or more probably I've stated my views in a way that they are easily skewed. 


I've already said I'm not at all interested in oxfords. Can't stand them, actually. You must have missed that. I don't blame you , 'cuz I don't read every word of every thread either. 


I love work shirts. I'm not, however, into period details just for the sake of period details. Too many shirts have "period" details that are not done well, have no usefulness, and come across as contrived. There are not enough shirts that even get the basics right. 


If you're into embellished period details and subtle variations, then enjoy them. We're all have our own tastes. 

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FWIW, and at the risk of sounding like a cheapskate after all this talk about great Japanese brands..

I recently acquired this chambray shirt, by Chinese brand Sace Zhan



I am really really pleased with it. beatiful regular cut, excellent workmanship, nice thick chambray.

the only other chambray I have that I can compare it is a jcrew and the difference is like night and day.

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All - what is your favorite chambray workshirt these days? I have the Iron Heart shirt and I love the material and the construction. The fit is a bit too wide in the trunk for my taste. I'd love to fine an alternative of comparable quality. (I also have the SDA shirt and it's fun to wear with painter's pants and a chore jacket but otherwise a bit too much on the wacky side.)

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3 hours ago, Outdoorsman said:

Warehouse workshirts are absolutely fantastic! I'll try to upload some pics of mine when I have the time.

Please do. I recall looking at the measurements and finding them super boxy (wide p2p for a given shoulder measurement).

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The RMC 232S chambray is top notch. Have had mine 2+ years. Worn and washed it a lot. Still a great fit, great construction and just gets better with time. Definitely recommend it.

I had an IH chambray but it was too boxy and too long  - though the fabric was sturdy and the stitching sound.

Roy's was (is) a funky chambray too. Nice stitching especially that line down the front placket. 

RMC all the way from what I've had though. 

All this talk of chambrays makes me want another just to test that out!


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