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  1. awesome pics. japanese guys have such a cool, effortless style
  2. Factory seconds maybe?
  3. Took advantage of the sunny weather and had an extended walk with my dog Maya :-) wearing my favorite pair of jeans - LVC 1947s
  4. Yes, the fit is boxy, The shirt is quite long too. Imo it looks best when tucked in.
  5. My two Warehouse chambray shirts. Both size 40 in short and long sleeve. The short sleeve I've had for more than a year but only worn in spring and summer. The long sleeve is a recent purchase directly from WH's online store (ordering was a breeze).
  6. Warehouse workshirts are absolutely fantastic! I'll try to upload some pics of mine when I have the time.
  7. I have two pairs of LVC 1947s. Both were raw / made in USA. I don't know about the new pre-washed pairs but with the raws it's best to go one size up if you intend to machine wash them regularly. They'll shrink two inches but strech back one. If you decide to only cold soak them you can get away with TTS, but it will be a fairly snug fit...
  8. Awesome street-shots, Max Power. London is always worth a visit!
  9. Got this awesome pair of Warehouse Lot 700 jeans. The fabric feels like nothing I've ever handled before: so dry and irregular, yet soft and sturdy. I think this is as good as it gets to a true vintage pair. It is the Banner Denim, right? I should mention it's the Blue in Green version with denim pocket bags. Construction is great too and I love all the details like the little rayon(?) tag and the cinch-back buckle. Now the only issue I have is that it is a little small in the waist. I usually wear a W32, this particular pair is W31. Can I expect it to strech out to a comfortable 32 with multiple wears? I've worn it for a day and it already gave a little. Standing and walking I felt OK, but sitting in those jeans was a gashing experience. I had red streaks on my stomache from the waistband and a bit of pain after sitting for 3 or 4 hours.
  10. I'd strongly suggest you get your feet measured. Is there any shop near you that has a Brannock device? Possibly a Red Wing store? Brannock devices can also be bought from Amazon USA. They have a plastic version that isn't too expensive. Might be worth considering if you purchase boots online frequently or want to get a custom pair that is expensive like White
  11. Finally someone making japanese shirts for tall, lanky guys. Size Medium is pretty much perfect for me. I've been struggling to find anything that fits and was pretty much limited to short-sleeve shirts when it comes to Japanese brands. Love the design of your current offering and I'm looking forward to additional items!
  12. Pics from yesterday's hiking trip. Wearing my LVC 1947 jeans and a vintage Lee Riders denim jacket
  13. I couldn't find a dedicated "introduction" thread so I figured I'ill just introduce myself here (mods feel free to move or delete if this is the wrong thread)... Hello guys, I've been a lurker for some time and finally decided to sign up, so here goes nothing :-) 28yo guy from Vienna, Austria. I've been a vintage enthusiast since teenage years and got interested in raw denim 2 or 3 years ago starting out with cheaper workwear brands. I'm interested in repro wear and I own items from buzz rickson, warehouse, sugar cane, LVC and TCB. I love the outdoors and anything with 2+ wheels and a motor in between. From what I can tell superdenim has a great crowd of likeminded denim and workwear enthusiasts and I'm happy to be a part of it from now on...