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  1. taiAtari

    Vintage/Inspired Military & Workwear Clothing Center

    Here are some of my military coats: M1909 swedish winter coat, a stamp inside says 1944, so that is probably the date, although the type was in service for quite some time after. US Navy Pea Coat, WWII era USAF MA-1 flight jacket, third revision (MIL-J-8279B) The quality on all is pretty amazing when you compare them with modern day clothing.
  2. taiAtari

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Some cheap (50 euro) 333's to be had right now at Caliroots.com in 36-32 ( from wearing my 34-34' and 36-34's I would say that they are generous in the waist and even more so in the inseam). Beautiful and quite different jeans. They also have the Donkey Jacket from last season in L for just 100 euro although I've always thought it looked a bit off. Some nicely reduced items from this season too.