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Coleslaw! Nice to see you.


Thanks, I hadn't seen the McCoys shirt when I looked through rakuten so they hadn't crossed my mind - but of course now that I think about it they wouldn't have done due to the new restrictions. 


Cool, and it's in colour choice as well.

hog, what size shirt are you usually?  I have an unwashed/unworn Mastersons LS-2 that Im debating what to do with.  

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I love my Trophy Clothing chambray, but they don't make them any more (file this under useless advice). The Iron Heart chambray is a great, comfortable option.

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I don't have one of their chambrays Hog, but I own 6 Flat Head workshirts - definitely my favourite out of any brand I've experienced. Here's a good comprehensive link to their range of products:


If you see anything you like, I'd recommend 2nd as a good starting point.

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I've been coveting this Chambray from Hudson Hill Overall Co:


There other workshirts are very nice as well.

Some good photos over at Denimbro:



I've seen their shirts in person and they are excellent quality. The standouts in my opinion are the indigo double gauze shirt with red, white and blue chain stitching and their caramel colored shirt.

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in that case definitely check out ues' as well hoggy: http://www.ues.co.jp/rainbowcounty/501355_r.html -- this is the new version of their cotton/linen workshirt, currently sold out from their own site i think, but is regularly restocked.

i also echo you on the mij v miusa debate. i think there's a pioneering spirit and let-it-fly attitude from start-ups like mastersons and circle a brand that resonate with the americans? (as well as a degree of hyping artisans from their own denimbro clique--nothing wrong with that) v the subtlety and artistry you can see in the details of japanese brands' products. some of them you could see simply have been doing this whole repro/revival thing for much longer. all their influences and their own take on them are often much more bedded in in their products.

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The thing I like about Mastersons is the simplicity.  Im not too concerned about the vintage machines they are produced on, but I do like that a guy decided to make shirts and did it.  Another thing I like is the symmetry.  I prefer two standard pockets as opposed to one of those cigarette pockets.  

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HoustonChris, where did you get those Neal Cassady shirts?

I got both of them from Speedway.  I couldn't find pics of the chambray one, but in case you're interested, I have this-


Pleasantly surprised by how much I like this shirt, given that I have no experience with the brand. It's the "Neal Cassaday Bakehead" shirt. I stumbled across it while aimlessly websurfing and instantly fell in love. Picked it up from Speedway on Rakuten, which was a wonderfully smooth experience.





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have you guys considered the fullcount chambray shirt with the different yoke? im wearing them lately for the past couple of weeks and yes they are awesome and great price too!

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I love work shirts, utility shirts, whatever you want to call them. Like jeans, that's pretty much all I wear, day in day out, year round. In fact, I don't know what I have a bigger fetish for - jeans, shirts or boots... lol!  :P


I wasn't aware of Michael Masterson. Or maybe I did but it didn't click. Having a hard time trying to find much info on him and his products. 


I know Gustin doesn't get much press around here, and I've not purchased anything from them before as I don't care for their oxford style shirt with button down collar. In case y'all didn't know, they recently released a new style called, ahem, the Workshirt. All the basic details are there. 


I ordered the first one, as I liked the fabric and wanted to check it out. Haven't seen it yet; it's supposed to be shipped October/November 2014. They offer their Workshirt in two fits - Classic and Slim. I went w/ an XL slim; it's got similar measurements to my IHSH-92's. We'll see.... 



They also did one in chambray that looked really nice, but I didn't get one as I'm not sure of their sizing. 



They've also done some other cool fabrics, but I want to get the fit right, and see one in person, before I order another. 

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I'd like to bump this thread as I'm considering getting a nice chambray - you know the type triple stitched / triple needle 'work shirt'.


That being said, I'm not altogether sure what to go with. Here's what I've seen on an initial browse on Rakuten;


The Osaka brands ...


Warehouse 3076

Studio D'Artisan 5333 A

Full Count 4811


And the others ...


Momotaro MS033 (not the SJ091 with the GTB stripes)

Pherrows 770 WS '40S ply shirt (noting though that the blue chambray is 60% cotton / 40% linen ...)

Free Wheelers Neal Cassady Railroad

UES 500954


Don't suppose anyone has any suggestions or has anything they are wearing that they'd want to post?


* edited to add to the list as I chance upon others ..


FWIW, I put an order in yesterday at Take 5 for the Pherrows 770 WS in indigo blue; I tried on the brown version and liked the cut. It's not a very slim fit (probably because I found I'm between M and L with Pherrow's button downs). It's fairly light, as you noted, and the details are nice enough for the price. 

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This contribution to the thread may be moot given the preferences expressed previously, but I’ve been extremely pleased with the Five Brothers chambray work shirt from Hickoree’s. I realize it’s a reproduction/reinterpretation, but the construction is solid and it’s at a slightly lower price point than most of the shirts in the current discussion.  




At a considerably lower cost, I also own the Oldblue Co. work shirt below. Again, at that price point, the materials and construction are sound. My only real issue being the chainstitch run-off is way too long.



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