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4 hours ago, unders said:

I think Momotaro have got creative with the naming. 

The pockets were on US army issue pullovers through the 30s and 40s. The denim uniform was replaced by the green cotton, wool and twill etc, but they remained in service as a work uniform by the U.S. Army and Civilian Conservation Corps during the war. 

They were issued to POWs.

Coincidentally, ive just got some spam from McCoy's with this exact same pocket...same info as above but their repro is a 'WWI Fatigue Coat' with photo's dating the pocket style back to 1900












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thanks for sharing ppl!

it is a design I always like in principle but when I put on think it might be hard to wear...

buzz rickson also doing a version (they are dating theirs to '37, to match a pair o pants...)



tender make/made a variation on the side-entry pocket theme:




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Tender also used this set-up in the Type 900 jacket, which has become my go-to jacket for int'l travels, in part thanks to this pocket: it holds many passports...

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Thanks for sharing all, very educating. I find that I actually use this type of pocket more than classic shirt pockets as it easily accessible. You can just throw a pair of sunglasses, a pen, small notebook or whatever in there without  too much hassle.

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1 hour ago, Duke Mantee said:

Are you James Bond? :huh2:

Nah, but my son & I both have 2 passports each, plus sometimes 1 for my wife...

(Then again, that’s what Jason Bourne would say...)

Anyways, the point is those are big, capacious pockets.

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1 hour ago, SLAB said:

came across this shirt from Workers (which gets not enough love btw)

chambray pullover zipper shirt

@Iron Horse perhaps an interesting design to start from; sorry for bugging you about this :D

That’s a nice one; for this fabric color I’d personally pick a zipper with lighter-colored taping than black. For example:





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no experience on that side; but the matching trousers I linked to earlier felt like a size down from tag (ie the 36 felt a lot more in the realm of a 34...) - not a scientific account, mind; more trying them on... if the top is anything like that; I wouldn't be a-feared to size up

(is that the case with their chambrays as well?)

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Pick this up from eBay. Good customer service as they checked my size details and quick to deliver. There is a more washed out look to it then other wabash shirts I own and the dots have a off white almost yellow colour to them. Still the fit is good and I’m happy. 




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My new Chambray shirt from Freewheelers also know as "Neal Cassady"  indigo work shirt 

The shirt design is inspired by work shirts from the 1920s. The left  pocket has a pen holder, the collar has a chin strap, the hem is finished with an open ring, and a union ticket is sewn on the back of the front hem. The buttons are made of iron, and the more you wear them, the more the paint will peel off and rust, creating a nice atmosphere. The fabric is likely to loose color , creating a nice shade of indigo. Bar tacks stitches in all pressure points  

In size 16, below were the measurements in unwashed:

pit to pit: 55

shoulder: 45

sleeve: 65

length: 77

After 1st wash I noticed:

pit to pit: 55 (no change)

shoulder: 45 (no change) 

sleeve: 64

length: 76

(Monkey Wrench told me that the shirt will shrink in 1st two washes, likely to shrink 1-15.cm in width and 2cm in length)

Pictures in unwashed condition:


IMG-3513 - trim.jpg

IMG-3515 - trim.jpg

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