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  1. King Boo

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    ^like that jacket, what RMC is it?
  2. King Boo


    Also what's the deal with the white tab? The pair I purchased don't have a tab but I see it on others?
  3. King Boo


    Can anyone advise a Japanese retailer for 107 one wash jeans that ship to the uk? I bought a size 2 from denimio but they are a little loose on the waist. I want a size 1 but they are out of stock
  4. Thanks fo the advice. I'm in SE England. I'm thinking to get the SC42014. The resolute and SDA are bit more than I'm wanting to spend.
  5. Very useful, thanks. I have no experience shopping from Japan, my search had involved only denimio and Okayama denim.
  6. Thanks. The 710 is the fit I'm after. May be out of budget after quick search as can't find a jap retailer
  7. Looking for my first pair of proper Japanese raw jeans. I'm after an understated slim straight / slim tapered (nothing too severe) jean with medium rise. I've narrowed my search to the below. Be interested to hear thoughts on or alternatives to look at. orSlow 107 slim - like everything except zip fly TCB 50s Slim - Rise a bit low Sugar cane 42014A Burgus plus are sold at a great price point but struggling to find details on their fits Thanks
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