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WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]


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9 hours ago, julian-wolf said:

@istewi good look

Is the jacket vintage 60/40, or a reissue?

I believe it's pretty vintage. Maybe early 90s, but I don't have enough knowledge to pinpoint a date. It's USA made for the Japanese market , I think. The tag is in Japanese and it has both sizing on it. US M and JPN L


EDIT: starting to think it's a more recent product. Browsing the Japanese site and it looks just like those. It's kind of a shame that you can't get an American made Sierra Designs 60/40 in America any more. Seems like the American market is bigger in Japan or maybe its the market willingness to pay 55,000yen hah 

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Yeah, it is a shame. I’ve had a bit of a back-and-forth with them about it, and they actually claim that it’s still available domestically, but doesn’t see frequent restocks…but I’ve been keeping an eye out for a couple of years and have never seen them stocked anywhere outside of Japan, so part of me thinks they were just leading me on

Anyway, how do you like it? Still thinking it’s pretty likely I’ll pick one up at some point

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@julian-wolf They are great. Perfect light weight jacket with enough room for some heavy layering in colder months. Throw it on over fleeces and down jackets for deep winter. Really simple jackets, but I like the details they have for that retro outdoors look. 

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took my Warehouse 700c out for a wonder yesterday as my son’s school was closed but I’m thinking I might switch to my FW as I think those flannel pockets will come in handy. 




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Loving the FW jacket, layering up the denim and then for most of the day hiding it all with a big old fleece. Snow has all turned to ice and now is a proper nightmare. 

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