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Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

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6 minutes ago, Yot said:

Little updates

They're fantastic.

We are just the one year into this contest, is that right? I've not fallen asleep for a year or something?

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Some rainy day bicycle work. I roached my drivetrain riding through the snow sludge during the winter and it was time to replace it. I used some spare parts first just get clear that the drivetrain was the crunchy issue, not a bottom bracket or wheel hub.

First picture is the spare parts setup ugly as sin.

Second is a little creativity getting the 1/8" master link to work with the old 3/32" chain. Not an ideal fix, but slip an extra plate on the 1/8" link and snug goes the snap clip.

Replace the rear cog and clean the hub.

Replace the sprocket and clean up the filth around it.

Degrease and grime the chainring bolts.

Measure the chain out for the new drivetrain and break the link to fit.

Good as new 46/16 drivetrain for decent top-end fixed, but manageable for up and over the bridges every day.

Might be time now to switch back to some aluminum toe clips.












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5 hours ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

very nice all!

laundry day brings beef jerky and more granular baby fades...

Mine fell off altogether – possibly because I bought a washing machine where I can actually set the temperature to 60ºC rather than just "hot"... I must get around to taking pics, we're just in a lockdown situation here that has dragged on for months and it's one more thing fallen by the wayside. The jeans themselves are looking rather good.

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This thread is exactly what I love about denim...Great progress everyone!

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Having not worn denim in probably over a year, I'm effectively completely out of the running contest wise. That said, it's good to be back in a place where I can wear denim comfortably again from both a fit and temperature standpoint. Just remembering how much I love the high rise on these!


Maybe I'll catch up in a few more years, but great job so far everyone!

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