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Waywt 2018 (denim version)


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On 2018/1/9 at 10:17 PM, JDelage said:

The Hill Side sashiko (?) shirt


"Sashiko (刺し子布) " is a traditional Japanese indigo dyed fabric and usually used for embroidery. Hope this helps.....

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22 hours ago, Flash said:

Not a good pic but it's not that often I get my pic taken 



Conner Sewing Factory s406xxx type 1

The Real McCoys sweat 

Conner Sewing Factory s409xxx jeans 

Vintage 1960's Converse 


superb outfit !

btw, may i ask what brand of spectacles are u wearing? they look awesome ! thanks ~


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A couple of shots, some from late last year. Sorry for the shitty pics.

Buco J-100,  Real McCoys tee, PBJ xx-003, Role Club engineers



Buzz Rickson N-1, Iron Heart flannel, PBJ xx-003, Viberg waxed flesh service boots



Eastman B-3, Iron Heart flannel, Real Japan Blues x Rivet and Hide RFR-004 collab, Viberg natty cxl service boots, Buzz Rickson gloves


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