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Waywt 2018 (denim version)


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10 hours ago, bartlebyyphonics said:


76! 76! 76!

would never have thought i would chant such a thing


76! 76! 76!

(for me, debating to wait for '37 or go for '33)



:D Yeah, I'm really happy with them, too. I like the '66 too, there's not much difference in the cuts besides the slightly more comfortable top block in the '76 (but I can't really judge that after only 6 wears for both jeans) but the denim is something else. The shade of indigo is different from all my other jeans right now and it has a "powdery" look that I really like. 

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^^ @bartlebyyphonics I had the 37s and 33s at the same time years back and also favoured the 33s FWII. I recall better blueness. The TCB 20s remind me of the 33s quite a lot - high voluminosity quotient especially as I always oversized in them days. No longer have the 37s but my 33s have an enduring home.

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On 1/20/2018 at 6:37 AM, MasonAlexander said:

Admittedly, this was not today, but I did just get sent these photos by the photographer today. So I figured I might as well sneak these in

Thomas Farthing

Merry Company Henly

Vintage 1920s jacket

Knickerbocker trousers

Vintage boot

(photographed by a fellow named Brandon Artis on 35mm film)





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5 hours ago, LQW said:

@Iron Horse those Lofgrens look beautiful. I'm torn about them vs other boondockers because I'm afraid they won't flatter a wide foot. I'd hate to have them stretch out in an unsightly manner. Do they run narrow at all?

Hey LQW, quite the opposite; even though they’re listed as D width they’re really more like E width. I measure 10E Brannock and these fit me perfectly in 10 (I’d go up half a size if you plan to wear a thick insole in them).

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