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Waywt 2018 (denim version)


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Yeah, just upload to 3rd party sites and as Volvo says Imgur even has an app and the most comfortable link generation for posting. Uploading to somewhere else and linking here doesn't take more steps than resizing pictures before uploading.

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The Flathead 3009

Anachronorm no. 262

perfect for getting the house ready for a family invasion. 






iPhone quality is all over the place on the close ups. 

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11 minutes ago, erockisalive said:

I'm having a weird problem with this site. It keeps pulling up an old version from a couple days ago, but on my phone I can see the most current version. Is that what you're talking about?

Over half of the Waywt pictures from the past few days and today have disappeared.  It's showing differently from my phone.

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I want that hat badly. I have a big head (58 circumference) but apparently I should fit into a size M according to Inoue, do you that 30s hats are generously sized?

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@volvo240thebest You have to acquire it ! I've tested some others same model and only the one at The Real Mccoy's was near TCB ones. I've seen Inoue-san faded one and it's awesome!

Sizewise I can't really compared to anything hat related as it's my first "branded" headwear. I have a pretty small head and wear S in the denim and the brown canvas (which fit about the same). Don't forget that the fabrics are unsanforized and shrink but of course stretch with wear.

I tried to measure the inside circumference of my hat and I measured 55 centimeters and got 55-56 for my head aswell if it can help at all.

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