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Waywt 2018 (denim version)


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Happy New Year!


This is my "Rudo magazine cover" impression.

old watch cap

Freemans Sporting Club flannel (the Gangsterville shirt I wanted have measurements that wouldn't work so this will do!)


Unmarked Workman Boots




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Wrangler 936's (a little over a year old – factory rinsed, and not wet since)

new Mil-Tec jungle combat boots 

This has been my basic "uniform" for several days now (with changes of shirts and boots).


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Peacock reporting! Happy new year! Working the Iron Heart, Evisu, Tanner Goods belt and a pair of RWs. 51AAEA20-F87D-49BE-BB25-2F667B60AF0A.thumb.jpeg.b9f0c89b745afcda6a48204a9b0f46d1.jpeg

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Why not...
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22 hours ago, mlwdp said:

You should do a waywt with the snow y'all had! :D 

I was visiting family in NYC for the holidays, but fortunately I’m now back home in San Francisco. Hope the east coasters out there stay safe and warm. 

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