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Waywt 2018 (denim version)


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5 hours ago, bartlebyyphonics said:


luvvy to see '33s in the wild!

They are a weird one... I can see why they aren't that popular. I love mine... they are my favorite pair of lvc that I've owned. I would have never bought them, but I found this pair at ross for $18 I think. These are a 30, and I usually wear 31-32, but I took a chance on them and they fit after the first wash. Full price? Never.

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1 hour ago, julian-wolf said:

Those Fullcounts are really lovely; I wish they'd made them in a wider fit. Good combo with the jacket, too!

They are really nice but they I don't wear them heaps because the colour is a bit freaky. With this jacket/tee is one of the main ways I wear them...

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I picked up a pair of Eternal 811s and a pair of Tanuki IDT from Denimio during their 20% off sale. Loving the Tanuki today with Nudie shirt and Franklin T. Also loving working from home and fannying about all day. 


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