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  1. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Need some help with some Levi’s I found for nearly nothing. What is there to tell about these labels? Maybe someone can teach me how I got information by the label..
  2. Orslow

    I don't know about the 107 either. But I have the 105 one wash size 3. I didn't measure the waist when I got them. But if I look at a size chart they should have been around 86cm (34). I've been wearing them a lot, done a couple of washes some in 60C. But after wearing them a while after the wash the waist stretches out to 92cm. The same is with the thighs. So in my opinion they do stretch out quite a bit after wearing.
  3. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Thanks! Now I know. Yours look awesome! I love the cut to! The fit of mine are perfect IMO. Do you know if you had the same size in the raw version? Maybe I need a pair...
  4. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Maybe they are. The pocket bags doesn't seems to be that worn out either.
  5. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I have a second hand pair of 1920's 201 that a bought on eBay a while back. Is there somehow I can tell if they had a "worn in look" when the where new or if they were a dark non wash/worn version? Would be fun to know
  6. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Knickerbocker Fullcount Fullcount BB No brand hoodie Fullcount converse
  7. Warehouse

    I don't know if you are subscriber on warehouse newsletter/mail. Since it's written in Japanese I'm usually use google translate. The translation isn't that good I suppose but you can get an idea of what the mail is about at least. If I understand it correctly there are three different bags. 10000 yen, 30000 yen and 50000 yen. You write your top size and bottom size and then it's a surprise of what you get. Here's the email where you send it to [email protected] I'm not 100% sure if this is the way you do it. So the best way is maybe to ask warehouse directly. I searched in this thread and saw that there are a few guys that have done this earlier. Maybe they know more about it. But either way it's seems to a fun idea and you can score some unique pieces.
  8. Warehouse

    Anyone buying the warehouse lucky bag?
  9. Orslow

    Orslow 105. They are actually to big. But I like them anyway. Mostly I wear them at work. I work at a warehouse.
  10. Warehouse

    The shrinkage came out good!! Didn't shrink much in the chest or shoulders.
  11. Warehouse

    The sleeve and length is no problem if it shrinks. It's the shoulder and chest where it might be tight. But hey I just wear it and hopefully it will stretch! And like you say maybe cold wash.
  12. Warehouse

    Picked up my Warehouse stuff today. Ordered them from Warehouse website. Work shirt 3076 non wash Sweatshirt 404 And a pair of socks I'm also adding som fit pics. This is pre wash. With the shirt I'm a little worried about the sizing since it's a non wash because it fits good in the shoulders and chest now. Anyone now what I can do? Wash it and then wear it wet so it stretches? The sweatshirt feels good in the fit. I don't know how it will fit after a wash. Love how the arms are sewn on the body. Warehouse work shirt 3076 Size 40 Pre wash Shoulder 48cm Armpit to armpit 56cm Length back 79cm Length front 72cm Sleeve from shoulder 68cm Sleeve from armpit 61cm Warehouse sweatshirt 404 Size 42 Armpit to armpit 61cm Length front under collar 61cm (63.5cm) Length back under collar 63cm (65.5cm Sleeve from collar 75.5cm (78.5) Sleeve armpit 61cm