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  1. Thanks for the offer. But planning on buying some other stuff to and I have decided to go with the 0105ex.
  2. Thanks again! 31 it is. And EdwardBear my orSlow are my garage/workshop jeans now.
  3. I bought my LVC used on eBay. It's a 1920'S 201. But now I'm not shore if they were raw from the beginning. Never mind. They are marked 32 and now the measures 33. Do you know or anybody else if the 201 and the 0105 is comparable in height/rise? If I look at the size guide the raw 0105 size 30 measures 33.1 before soak. And the one wash size 30 measures 29.9. Do you mean that the raw 30 maybe will stretch up to more than 33.1? Then I probably need 29.
  4. Thanks man! Can I expect som stretching in waist after soaking? Ok so size down one size. If my Lvc measures 33 with a little room left in waist maybe 32 could be good but then like you mention EdwardBear I should size down one size. So then 31 should be the right size or 30...? Don't think I'm paranoid. But for some reason I'm an expert in buying jeans that are to big in the waist. Thinking that this time that's not gonna happen
  5. Hi everyone! So I'm gonna buy me a pair raw fullcount 0105. Haven't decide if I'm going for the regular, xx or ex yet. How is the shrinking with these? I've heard that they are huge before soak but that they will shrink down to the actual size you buy. So if buying size W32 they will shrink down to a 32 after soaking. Correct? But will they stretch some after the soak and wearing? I'm not really shore which size to choose. This will be my first raw pair. I've have a couple of selvedge but no raw. For example I have W29, W30 and W31. But they have stretched and are a little loose in waist. The 29 are if I measure 34 now and the 31 are 35. Both are nudie grim tim. I'm more in to the looser/wider and more classic fit now. And thank god for that. Love it. Feels more comfy. Will never go back! Hahaha! My orSlow 105 I bought in size 3 and they are way to big in the waist after wearing. I do have a pair of Lvc 1922 that I bought used from eBay. Kind of like the waist size on these. Now they measures W33 (84 cm). They are high waisted. Maybe I could have like 2-3 cm smaller. So what do you guys think? Can you guide me in any direction? Thanks! /Emil