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  1. Orslow

    Orslow 105. They are actually to big. But I like them anyway. Mostly I wear them at work. I work at a warehouse.
  2. Warehouse

    The shrinkage came out good!! Didn't shrink much in the chest or shoulders.
  3. Warehouse

    The sleeve and length is no problem if it shrinks. It's the shoulder and chest where it might be tight. But hey I just wear it and hopefully it will stretch! And like you say maybe cold wash.
  4. Warehouse

    Picked up my Warehouse stuff today. Ordered them from Warehouse website. Work shirt 3076 non wash Sweatshirt 404 And a pair of socks I'm also adding som fit pics. This is pre wash. With the shirt I'm a little worried about the sizing since it's a non wash because it fits good in the shoulders and chest now. Anyone now what I can do? Wash it and then wear it wet so it stretches? The sweatshirt feels good in the fit. I don't know how it will fit after a wash. Love how the arms are sewn on the body. Warehouse work shirt 3076 Size 40 Pre wash Shoulder 48cm Armpit to armpit 56cm Length back 79cm Length front 72cm Sleeve from shoulder 68cm Sleeve from armpit 61cm Warehouse sweatshirt 404 Size 42 Armpit to armpit 61cm Length front under collar 61cm (63.5cm) Length back under collar 63cm (65.5cm Sleeve from collar 75.5cm (78.5) Sleeve armpit 61cm
  5. What about Jeans Jackets ....

    ^^^ COOL!
  6. Full Count Denim Thread

  7. Warehouse

    Thanks! Nice purchase! Would love to see some pics or even fit pics of them. I'm 6'1 with a kind of slim body as well. Chest measures 105 cm (41"). But I want the sweatshirt to be more a "normal" fit. I did an order on warehouse website on this Thursday. 42 on the sweatshirt and 40 on shirt. But the sweatshirt were out of stock so have asked if the 404 in 42 is available instead. Hope so and I hope those sizes will be good for me.
  8. Warehouse

    Thanks! Than i guess 42 in 401 would be perfect.
  9. Warehouse

    I'm planning on buying a warehouse denim work shirt lot 7036 non wash and warehouse sweatshirt lot 401. Looked at the sizing chart for the ONE WASH version and size 40 seems to be kind of similar to fullcounts work shirt size 42. Read somewhere in this thread that sizing of this on is a bit odd or something. I think it's the same model @Syncd86 bought? (page 240) I usually use size 42 and that's the size on my fullcount chambray work shirt. Anyone has any experience with the sizing on one of these two?
  10. Full Count Denim Thread

    Details underneath the flap. Fun to find out details after a while of wearing.
  11. Shoes that look better with age...

    Haven't seen them in person either. But they look awesome. Bought a pair of iron rangers two weeks ago. So I want to use them as much as possible. Told a friend to buy them. I want to see the break-in in person. Hopefully he buys them
  12. Warehouse

    No idea about the stretch. But the fit looks nice!
  13. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    ^^^^ Looks good man! Which model is it on the Stevenson? And awesome bikes!
  14. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Triple FC RW iron rangers