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  1. Naoto Ver.2

    Samurai Jeans

    おっ、お久しぶり!元気? mynudies以来じゃないかな?
  2. Naoto Ver.2

    Buzz Rickson

    Well, people may accept Hawaiian shirts here but when it comes to Toyo's (aka Buzz Rickson's) souvenir jackets, then it could be more difficult. Every time I wear my souvenir jackets and go to my local Waitrose, the security guard gives me kinda suspicious look which makes me feel uncomfortable. Anyway, I'd like to try Toyo's 100-Tiger shirt someday - perhaps I'll look for some secondhand shops in Tokyo next time I go back there.
  3. Naoto Ver.2

    Buzz Rickson

    Yeah.....I remember those "Hyaku Tora (100 Tigers)" Hawaiian shirts.....though it may be a challenging to wear it here in London.
  4. Naoto Ver.2

    Buzz Rickson