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  1. Thanks for your info - very helpful! I've never tried MIJ cons on before.....they sound & look nice, and I'm sure it's well crafted, but I wonder if it's really worth it every time I go back to Japland. (Moreover, ABC Mart refused to deduct the VAT) I, however, purchased J.Purcell and One Star which were exclusively available at ABC. They were made in Indonesia but they're really, really good.
  2. Cool!.....By the way, I'm going back to Japland early next year (to see my mum) and I'm planning to buy a pair of exclusive Japanese version of Chucks. I'd like to compare 70s with these Jap version.
  3. I've got jealousy fire on this! How cheap are they in the US comparing to EU/UK??
  4. Must have cost you a fortune.....?
  5. Must have been very hot this time of the year in Japland? Anyway, hope you enjoyed your stay there......
  6. Nice interview.....I enjoyed reading that!
  7. Yes, I am and LVC's 501 WWII and Euro Evisu going back and forth.
  8. It reminds me of a girl at old mynudies forum almost 10 years ago or so - the girl who proclaimed herself dying soon. I wonder what happened to that girl afterwards......