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  1. Why not both? That's what I did
  2. Hopefully you did a proper wash after the sand / sea 'wash'...
  3. Got the saddle pants today, managed to button all the buttons right away while holding my stomach in. The washed denim feels so soft compared to some others I have. Thanks Neil and Jeremy for your help!
  4. Picked up the new relaxed taper R&H collab rfr-004 in raw and gave it a 90 min machine wash without detergent in 40C. Is there more shrinkage to be had in subsequent washes or am I good to go?
  5. I was laughing out loud when I saw the comments on the SE model's biceps being too large! Really? I understand that bodybuilders (arms) are not for everyones tastes, but this? The guy has normal arms in my books; sure, it's evident that he's been working out, but nothing extra ordinary. Better this than some 90 lbs weakling.
  6. Sugar Cane PBJ Viberg
  7. Interesting reading. Regarding Clinch, as those are mto-pairs, did you visit them earlier or post them your measurements re:Role Club?
  8. Most of the time we'll be in full tourist mode but one day is reserved for shopping. I guess wifey is mostly interested in Mitte and Charlottenburg and I've been inclined to Scheunenviertel. Any suggestions along these lines (or better ideas) are more than welcome!
  9. TCB

    Anyone have back rise measurements for slim 50s in size 36 or 38? The front rise is pretty low but I could probably live with that.
  10. Don't want to be a spoilsport but I wouldn't rule this kind of exploitation out in any brand, not even those one is fan of. I don't believe many of us is in a position to really KNOW what the circumstances are in any brand. I know we want to believe that everything is fine and dandy with the brand we are fans of but what we believe is one thing, reality might be something different. To say otherwise is self-deception.
  11. I know and that's why it's not going to happen
  12. The obvious solution would be that you could choose not only the waist size but rise also in 0.25"-0.5" increments, something like Resolute is doing with inseam lengths. Not going to happen though...
  13. Volvo, any indication that the arcs design will be decided before the 15th?
  14. Denimio has 3 different 1947 models listed; one 14.25 oz called Standard model, one 12 oz called Standard model type II and one 12 oz called Type 3 slim fit. Go figure.
  15. I have a modified length Sugar Cane type 2 and an IH duck type 3, both fit taller types