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  1. Well, you didn't specify what is semi-formal to you, a sport coat, chinos and a nice shirt? Pennies (I'm partial to Alden) work with most combinations but some nice suede car shoes might work, too. These are the two shoe styles I wear with the aforementioned combo depending on the season and if not opting for something a bit more formal like Alden ptbs.
  2. Keep them, it's much easier to store your shoes in their original boxes than in a heap somewhere as I don't have all my shoes in rotation at the same time. I just stack the boxes in my wardrobe
  3. My pair of xx-003 at 6 months after yet another wash. Pic taken outside and has a bit more contrast and saturation but pretty close.
  4. You just about summed my sentiments and why I prefer them without the buttons
  5. I don't get it why this peer pressure to force the issue, if someone prefers them without the buttons that should not concern you in any way. Of course you could argue that they are not 20s jeans anymore but I think that is the case already, true 20s jeans would have a higher rise. Before I'm committing to this (sans the suspender buttons) I'd like to see the back pocket arcs. Not a fan of the cat ear design.
  6. I'm not in disagreement but of course one could argue that what is really essential? As this is a hobby we may see many things as essential that in fact are not. And I would say that a pair of nice jeans calls for nice socks, boots etc to enhance the combination, that it would be greater than the sum of it's parts.
  7. Just to be sure, is the preorder deadline july 15th (as stated in the first post) or june 15th (volvo, you mentioned that the deadline is during your concert week and I had the impression that you're touring at the moment)?
  8. I'd go with a french chore coat that you can pick up either vintage or from Arpenteur, Vetra etc. If it's good enough for Monty Don, it should be good enough for any gardener
  9. I've always wanted my jeans to have a fly in the back
  10. Not too keen on the back yoke or the ventilation holes but great to see this kind of effort. Hopefully this will pay off so that we will see size xl also in future shirts!
  11. Might be interested depending on the back rise
  12. Thank you for your input and regards from an owner of that pointy toe shite
  13. If you're referring to me, it was an accident, read that the temp was 30C
  14. Washing time ~70min, hang dry