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  1. mrman

    The Leather Jacket Thread

    ^Thanks! Have to agree, the leather is something else! Wanted something more badass when I bought this, I have a RMC cafe racer also that is great as well (like your FH)! Have to admit, I haven’t worn it much since I got this.
  2. mrman

    The Leather Jacket Thread

    ^Thanks. I’ve had it for a year now in fact and still feel like a milloin bucks every time I wear it.
  3. mrman

    The Leather Jacket Thread

  4. mrman

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    I think a hem would help here - the jeans would drape better and not bunch up like that at the knees. And a size down with that jacket would make the fit better also
  5. mrman

    Kapital jeans

    Anyone care to give more info on the different fits? I have 1-2-3 monkey cisco, how do stone and okagilly differ from those fitwise? On that note is there a cisco that is different from monkey cisco, seen both online, a typo or two different cuts?