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  1. You have 400 pairs of jeans?
  2. ftfy - guilty as charged! On the other hand I just can't stay interested in a feed full of denim macros or pics of fades. I prefer to see how denim and other garments are combined to make a coherent and wearable whole.
  3. ^I know what you mean, I've also seen a couple of guys that each week sport a bunch of different things and after a week or two those are gone replaced by the next 'awesome product'. What's sad that there are obviously many that take their advertising as gospel.
  4. TCB

    I know, I know, I was just wondering if there was a chance to get a personalized jacket with some more length. Trying to get one without raw measurements might be too hard considering the language barrier
  5. TCB

    It would be nice to know what the raw measurements are on that type 1 ie how much the jacket shrinks
  6. TCB

    The lenght of that type 1 is just 62 cm? Probably would not work for me as I'm 191 / 6'3", still intrigued, though, as the rest of the measurements might work
  7. Now that the PBJgate seems to be over, here's a quick pic of my xx-003 at 4.5 months. I've been washing these every 3 weeks on average.
  8. TCB

    Sorry, if this has been answered already, but what denim has been used on that type 1? Is there a link where you can see the full sizing tables?
  9. Volvo, I thought you were already using a sand blaster to your TCBs
  10. I don't mind food, drinks etc in relevant threads but I would prefer that the pics (most of them anyway) would be within spoiler-tags; those interested could take a look. The same goes to denim pics as well, especially when quoting a post.
  11. TCB

    Any idea when that type1 might be available?
  12. I'd love to grab one of those but I guess I'm out of luck as I'm 6'3". Do they make sizes 46 or 48?
  13. These look great at just 2,5 months! Just wondering how you manage to do this. I've been wearing a pair of PBJs for the last 6 months with probably 4,5 months of actual wear. You guys seem to get during the same 6 month period 12 months of actual wear on your multiple pairs. Just don't get it! But really enjoying your posts!
  14. What volvo said. It seems to be pretty big considering the drooping shoulders and the length of the jacket and sleeves. Give it wash 30C -> 40C -> 60C until it fits.
  15. There will always be new generations buying these, can't foresee denim going anwhere. Regarding the 300$ ceiling most denim brands are still far from Visvim pricing. And Visvim manages to sell otherwise they would not be in business. If you are not willing to pay more, I think there's lots of people who are. Looking at western brands, eg. RgT and 3sixteen, they seem to be doing ok, it seems that many of their products are sold out pretty quickly.