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  1. Shoes that look better with age...

    Sorry it took this long to answer. They are very comfortable imo, the small gripe I have is that the shaft is quite narrow and it takes a bit of effort to get them on/off. On the other hand these are my only engineers, so I can't compare to other makers.
  2. The Flat Head

    I wouldn’t care if I liked something. It seems that no matter what you do some one with an agenda will take it the wrong way anyhow. Political correctness has it’s place but when taken to extremes it says quite a lot about the person judging you
  3. ^^ & ^ Like two peas in a pod! Just a coincidence that both ask the same questions? Would be interesting to trace the IPs of these two...
  4. My God, you’re still at it! You’ve been told already many times: don’t pay attention to anything else than the measurements, different makers use different terminology! Are you serious? Or a troll?
  5. Shoes that look better with age...

    RJB and Role Club
  6. Why not buy them all if you keep obsessing over everything you don’t have and not being able to enjoy those you already have? This isn’t a race to the finish line, why not enjoy the ride and take it slow? But for some reason some of you guys just keep pestering with the same kind of questions over and over again, you’re given help and advice and still the cycle goes on and on.
  7. ^Maybe ask your mom? Sorry, but if you don’t know yourself, how could we? The same goes with choosing the denim for you, we can only give you the characteristics of different denims (which has pretty much been done already) but you have to decide for yourself. Out of curiosity, how does one get a reputation like that?
  8. Watches and Denim

    @JDelage Seems like your Oris has gained nice patina, maybe you could post more pics?
  9. Orslow

    It might just be that Orslow has decided to have an international presence whereas most Japanese brands seem to be content with their domestic market and international sales is just an afterthought. Regarding Orslow items, I have the 105 denim, fatigues, army shirt and the vintage fit chambray. I probably wouldn’t have picked these up at their regular price but as was said earlier these can be had for less during sales periods. I’ve picked these up at 40-60% discounts and think these have been good purchases.
  10. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    The size chart has not been updated, there’s no measurements for size 46
  11. TCB

    I heard Dexy’s Midnight Runners is looking for a flutist
  12. There's still much of that going around. Even worse, never washing your denim for the sake of fades. Weird...
  13. The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    I feel the same. Viberg is known for their service boots and engineers, other makes (eg chelseas and now these) are not very successful attempts to broaden their market to other areas that are even more saturated with existing, tough competition than the service boot market. I don't think that these will sell.