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  1. Well, I could argue further that it isn't that simple any way you look at it; ethics vs cost, ethics vs quality, cost vs quality,... There may be a correlation but just as well there might not be one
  2. I don't think that it's that simple, ethics vs cost
  3. I like my moleskin french work wear jacket by Arpenteur very much. Similar to chore coats, durable and stylish, just look at late Bill Cunningham. I've got the IH indigo colored duck type 3 also, it's very rigid fabric, capable of standing on it's own, recommended to spineless politicians.
  4. Yup, that's what I was saying, the similarities are obvious. I'm with @Niro, hopefully the brexit will be reversed entirely, even though it's not very likely. There is no opposing force to the conservatives to challenge the process. Labour is weak with an even weaker leader and liberals too small. But you can always hope.
  5. Of the four EFTA countries three, Norway included, are part of EEA. But EEA is not a customs union.
  6. Maybe you should get your facts straight. Yes, Norway, Sweden and Portugal are in Europe but only the latter two are within EU common market. It would not be smart to outsource anything behind a customs border, so a norwegian company is better off producing their stuff in Norway. For a swedish company they have more sound choices.
  7. TCB

    Great news, volvo! Bit confusing that from the outside the chest measurements is 107cm laid flat and from the inside (shouldn't be much bigger as measured from inside) it's 118cm, even though measured with 360 method. If that is how these are sized, have to look elsewhere as I'd need p2p 59cmx2=118cm and with 360 method something like 128-130. Biggest size is 124cm, damn.
  8. @Iron Horse Where did you pick up those Lofgrens? I'd like to get them in size US11, JPN29, but can't seem to find them anywhere.
  9. Just to make sure, I'm all for it that the labor force should get their fair share of the profits through decent wages. It's just that decent wages are not the same everywhere as living costs (food, housing etc) differ greatly. And as @JDelage mentioned costs are always a part of the equation. Companies are always balancing costs against the volume produced, otherwise it would be just a hobby. Many decide to lower the quality to cut the costs, but I doubt that is the case in this niche hobby of ours.
  10. You say that you can't speak of these things and still think that it's a given that the quality in lower. Lower wages do not equate lower quality, necessarily. It might be that the labor force is skilled but the local living costs are lower and thus you get the skilled labor force for less. Of course, it might be the opposite, too. But I doubt that it's the case with Portugal. Another interesting observation, how many of you have been to Portugal and really know something of the country? Or are your sentiments built on supposition?
  11. I'd like to remind you that Sweden and Portugal, even though they are independent, are working in the same common market, EU. So outsourcing to Portugal is 'local' in the way that encourages commerce within the common market. It's analogous in a sense that a company from California would outsource something to Texas, same common market, different states. If I get it right, you are against outsourcing in general? Or just from USA to another country? When you buy something, do you personally check the working conditions or how do you choose what to buy, even MiUSA stuff? Or just believe that your favorite brands are doing the right thing? As you said, there are sweatshops in USA, too.
  12. I'd like to remind that Portugal is in EU and that already is a guarantee that the working conditions and wages are not what they might be in an Indian sweatshop. The wages are not as high as in Sweden and probably somewhat lower than in the US but still decent when compared to prices of goods there. I already commented on the fact of buying only locally (where ever that is) made stuff. Of course it's up to the individual if they want to limit their choices.
  13. I wouldn't call xx-003 skinny, it's regular staight and strider has a slight taper. Of course fit is subjective but after decades of squatting my thighs are not the smallest and neither fit pantyhoselike. Haven't handled their exclusive denim so can't comment on that.
  14. It goes without saying that they should fit. With japanese makers it is a bit risky but because the fabrics are so much more interesting than with the western counterparts I'm still inclined to try. When you compare eg PBJ denim to, say, RgT, the difference in staggering.
  15. Interesting topic. I've got a few things from both RgT and 3sixteen, mainly because they are made to fit western body types, not because I think that they are superior. At 6'3" it is quite difficult at times to find fitting Japanese clothing but still I've been moving steadily in that direction. What's interesting is that I've noticed a trend on ig that many buy only US-made stuff and swear that you could not find anything better. I get it that you'd like to support your local industry but overlooking everything that is made elsewhere is kind of weird, imho. Besides making claims like that when you have only experience on US made clothes is plain stupid.