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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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All full pack | looking for other acr in s/xs 

P44-DS (XS) GREY 9/10 970++

S21-DS (S) BLK 9.5/10 SOLD

S23-AK (S) BLK 9/10  600++

Blazers (US8) MAROON DS 70++ *with yellow clip instead of black


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On 1/23/2023 at 9:58 AM, AvantSol said:


P38-E (S)

J1E-GT(m) [I know a reach but please reach out if selling]

J65-ws (M)


Have the following for trade/sale:

J29-Ws(M) 9/10 full pack 

V5-PX (M) 9/10 fullpack 850 800 700 USD

Cp2-SS 9/10 (only for J1 or p38)

Plus cash where needed, let's talk.




Also potentially interested in trading the previous version of the j29-ws for then new variant.

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want to TRADE small black s27-pr (9.9/10) for a medium. definitely runs a little small so probably better if youre an xs or an s on the smaller side. great shirt but I just never wear it since its too small. located in conus currently. looking for 9+ condition in same color. I have bag/spec but i can live without it if you are looking to size down and dont have, thx!!

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[H] J1TS-S 1718 BLK S 9/10 ; P23A-DS 2223 BLK S10/10 ; PayPal

[W] J72-DS BLK S

Can either trade you some good shit or cash you out. Need the item expeditiously.



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P24A-S blk (SS23)size M 10/10 1700USD

P23A-DS raf Size S 9.5/10 850USD

P30A-E alpha green Size M 9.5/10 800USD

J41-GTV blk Size L 10/10  2000USD

J47TS-GT-white size L 9/10 2000USD


all shipping included for CONUS


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5 minutes ago, Darkcloud013 said:

must be tough then :)) I talked to some having Midnight tho, if you're up for it I can let him know.

looking for raf or raf w/ black sleeve size s or m :( but thx fam !

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