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  1. Size M more than 1KG, heavy pant!
  2. I am not sure about KaDeWe, because they removed Acronym from the online store. And what they had instore isn’t worth a visit.
  3. https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/15285/ng1ps-black
  4. Last season NG4s already had this feature: Zebra, Leopard, Black and NG4-SS.
  5. A friend of mine lives in South Korea. He ordered the coevo exclusive J1A-GTKR and had to send it back two times. The first two Jackets had damaged zippercovers on the chest pocket. Almost invisible, but still not ok for a 1,5k jacket.
  6. Liked my J1L, but sold it. Didn’t need it that much.
  7. Oh man, so it’s GT. I was hoping for DS
  8. Yes, the reason I was asking. It doesn’t look like GT.
  9. Does anyone know what model it is and when it will drop? Pictures taken from the white 3a-6TS which dropped lately. If I have to guess, I would say it looks like a P43 DS
  10. Buyer stepped back, so it’s available again J16-GT Medium Alpha Green almost new 9/10 Full pack, bought at mothersite 1250€ shipping from Europe (Germany) add shipping and PayPal fees
  11. Acronym J16-GT Medium Alpha Green Full Pack, bought at Mothersite. 9/10 https://www.reversible.com/user/acglab/listings/acronym-acronym-j16-gt-alpha-green-medium-298710105 ignore the reversible price! I am asking for 1250€ plus shipping and PayPal fees Shipping from Germany/Europe Sold!
  12. J1L-GT Size Small 9/10 Full Pack (no blank tape) Last price drop to 850€ add shipping and PayPal fees sold!!!
  13. Sold out in a minute 1680€
  14. Last release was a fast selling item
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