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  1. I’d definitely buy a pink j1a for bae instead of one of the flawed sacai pieces that were more “feminine”
  2. only own jackets but would love a j36l-s (j39-s lol)
  3. the return of dark back ground product pics like around 2010? interesting change
  4. i think that its awesome that instead of throwing away old shoes you turned them into a project. it’s a learning process and we should all strive to be so creative but also sustainable!
  5. this has probably been asked before - any tips for dyeing stotz? or is it just so dense it isnt really doable? have 2015 p10s that are past the point of tasteful patina
  6. exclusivity is overrated, especially for acronym when it isnt even super underground anymore more availability and larger size runs plus sales pricing > secret cool kidz club status not even against a little bit of gatekeeping but the brand has been in the spotlight plenty now and any damage done to the reputation of it towards hardcore/diehard fans wont be reversed unless E just straight up axes MIC and retailer runs or other drastic (and unsustainable) measures
  7. so glad u finally picked up the phone…let’s talk about that ng11-ak u tryna sell
  8. want to sell size small fw15 and fw16 nikelab acg cargos. both black but have slight patina. would grade as 6.5-7/10 for each. $150usd + pp fees and shipping. more pix on request 
  9. not my shitty edit but just gonna go ahead and post it bc this is the piece I want and its been making the rounds. ALLEGEDLY it will be joined by a j1bw-e which will be a godsend as a beater piece and not having to worry about babying gtx
  10. high prices clearly doesnt help to keep stock in check. limited supply is limited supply. crazy, I actually want this rumored upcoming j36-ws but I guess its just fomo. lol. but yeah I’ll definitely score on from the mothersite when it drops and the webpage crashes and upon refresh everything is out of stock or already listed on grailed for 3x MSRP!
  11. don’t you just love when there’s full size runs from 2+ seasons ago but you also have people posting screenshots of their order confirmations 10min after a drop in a listing for p24a-s/j72-ds/3a-1-cr/whatever asking for $3000 or more and wont even include free shipping lol
  12. struggle with humor much? anyways, didn’t take offensive but didn’t laugh. better luck next time!
  13. Errolson really seems to not care about sizes below medium tbh. just subtracting a few cm in all dimensions must not be enough - maybe certain parts of the pant need more taken off in one area than another (I’m not sure, it just seems like sizing problems always affect the smaller sizes) yea the “size for length” advice is common knowledge at this point but aside from p10s none of the pants really seem suitable for skinnier people and none of them seem to work well for smaller/shorter people. speaking from personal experience
  14. oh man these look great…any idea on if theyre ms exclusive or mic/retailer? I think most here are hoping for ms exclusive but I think a wide availability would be great, I sure dont wanna miss out myself. also since you have the inside scoop - any other colors?
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