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  1. futurecowboy2099


    p30 with fixed cuffs?
  2. futurecowboy2099

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  3. futurecowboy2099

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    shout out to @Deadassb for the p50 hookup! great to deal with
  4. futurecowboy2099


    gotta agree on the hood being small. the shape i feel offers good close to head protection tho, but definitely prefer the volume of the j1w hood
  5. futurecowboy2099


    yeah i def think its slept on, and theres no shortage of j1 iterations. not a super big fan of j28 but I know its popular. really want to see more j47a (-ws specifically pls) and maybe j36. hell even the j47r is cool but the vanilla 47 i find somewhat lackluster. cant complain about the mic quality tho of mine - it still feels very good
  6. futurecowboy2099


    glasses, hand sanitizer, phone + portable power brick, airpods, i have a pen actually stuck in the holder thing, mask on the back in the zippered mesh section, chewing gum, mini flashlight, small 300ml water bottle. sometimes other things. basic stuff but its nice to have on hand
  7. futurecowboy2099


    because it was cheap i got the j47-gt. its not as “cool” as j1 or j28 but it was fairly practical when it rained enough to warrant wearing. i do really like the 3d collar ridge on the j47 (and j36) and hope it comes to more jackets. maybe should have gotten a second hand j47a or ts
  8. futurecowboy2099

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    this could be you if you sell me small p50-e. bag/spec are nice to haves but mostly care that condition is 8/10+ located stateside next few months, will pay in usd, paypal or cashapp is fine
  9. futurecowboy2099


    hey all, first time poster and maybe a year-long lurker. was super hooked on the look of acr jackets and then i bought one - but was kinda disappointed. then i discovered the pants and that totally changed my life. recently got into the bags and they have been equally life changing grail jacket: j1a-gtv (im size s if ur sellin) fav pants: p10-ds fav bag: 3a-2, so much better for edc than my 1 imo looking forward to annoying the gatekeeping old heads and making new friends. also maybe to scoring some deals…
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