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  1. dixonschneider


    When i checked the first time, they had every size except M. And yeah if i would want to get a J1A i would rather buy the updated one at this point (or wait it for to be released in another material than gtpl)
  2. dixonschneider

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J47TS-GT BLK sz M - 9/10, Frequently washed, Full Pack 1400 € / 1700 $ / 1224 GBP net Located in Germany
  3. dixonschneider


    Still waiting for your in-depth, in-hand dryskin vs. airism comparison
  4. dixonschneider

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J47TS-GT BLK, Size M 9/10 Condition. Washed regularly. Full Pack. Located in Europe. 1520 EUR / 1800 USD / 1299 GBP
  5. dixonschneider


    Your opinion, fair enough. Where did i draw theoretical conclusions? Do you actually own an acronym pant? My point is, that there are more ways to wear this and look good than shown on the mothersite pics, based on - my own - experience. And yes, some retailer pics do look awful, but in my opinion, these don't, besides the fact that i wouldn't tuck in the shirt on the SP28.
  6. dixonschneider


    The only thing wrong with this (imho) is that he tucked the shirt in, but this is clearly to show the product. Not comparable to the wrong sizing they did for years at END. This stuff can definitely be worn high waisted - just check bachronym's IG for more examples, or even better, get some of it and test it for yourself bc. your theoretical debates are getting tiresome to read.
  7. dixonschneider


    Has anyone ever heard of issues of the logo-tag falling of? Bought a P31-DS off grailed and the pants came with the logo-tag stitched on the inside. Asked the seller and he told me he did it because it would otherwise „fall off because of age“ (on a 2 year old pant lol). Also, this was not recognizable on his photos. The pants otherwise look legit and I don’t think there exist any fakes of it, i just think it’s kind of odd and it will of course be harder to sell in the future because the tag is always the first thing you look at for LCs. Or am I too picky about the whole thing and should relax?
  8. dixonschneider

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Acronym / Enfin Leve / Rick Owens
  9. dixonschneider


    I have a few airism tees from the latest U Collection. They’re not bad but I can tell you they are quite thicker than the current DS tees.
  10. dixonschneider

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS S24-DS-A Size M 370€ / 440$ + shipping + fees Heres your chance to buy before i send it back. Just tried on. SOLD
  11. dixonschneider


    just got the S24 in hands and wanted to give a few quick impressions: - the fabric is definitely thinner than other dryskin i know (on pants or shirts) - also, this thing fits like a tent (Size M on 180cm 77kg). very long and wide in the chest. the hem though is much more narrow which leads me to believe that sizing down isn't an option, it needs some wideness on the hem because of its length. not sure if this is something for me - i do see this work with the latest released pants but wearing this for ex. with the P34 gives a bit extreme proportions, but this is up to individual taste ofc.
  12. dixonschneider


    Yeah i think its probably made in china and produced in much higher quantities (i can only speculate on this ofc). Collections nowadays seem to be high quantitiy, lower price, made in china (J1A, P30A, S24) vs. low quantity, higher price, made in europe (J28, P34). And tbh im really surprised the P30A sold out this fast. I thought most people already own one at this point and do not need the new iteration.
  13. dixonschneider


    S8-DS (SS19) Price 673 Euros Yes, it sold out eventually, but within months. Not comparable to the S24. Mine already shipped btw., lets see if it was the right decision to go true to size.
  14. dixonschneider


    It seems that you’re discussing this very theoretical (bc haven’t worn a ds tee in real life) while brainerd666 has real life experience with it. Also it’s wind repellent, not blocking, not comparable to windstopper. But I get your point and with my experience from -DS pants I’m not sure if this would work for me in like really hot (35C+) weather, I’m still tempted to try though haha
  15. dixonschneider


    Imho a super weak excuse and not appropriate to the product he's selling. But i mean, they got the RAF stotz wrong for years so nothing new really. I would have loved more 3A accessories in the new FOIL fabric, especially the MK2, but maybe we'll see this in the near future. My 3TS needs something new
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