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  1. dixonschneider

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS Veilance Rhomb Jacket Size M. Condition 9/10. Located in germany. 299€ + fees Please contact me for questions or pics.
  2. dixonschneider


    Yes, washed inside out and double rinsed. Maybe i need to triple rinse. :P I have to admit that i may have taken the picture a bit too early - the stains are a lot less noticeable now that the pants are fully dried.
  3. dixonschneider


    Any recommendations on a better way to wash your Stotz pants? I use nikwax tech wash and wash at 30 degrees 600rpm in a washing bag. Steam immediately after washing. So far so good, comes out clean and steaming works well, but what really bothers me is that the nikwax seems to leave these annoying white stains on the fabric that don’t go off very easily. I’d appreciate any tips, thanks!
  4. dixonschneider

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    J63-PB P31-DS Salomon XT-6
  5. dixonschneider


    EDIT: posted a WAYWT in the wrong thread. sorry!
  6. dixonschneider

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Bucket hat J1W P31 Dunk High Spartan Green
  7. dixonschneider

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    finally a decent looking season again!
  8. dixonschneider


    Some thoughts on the J1W-GTPL. Got mine in Backer Grey, really like the color, please be aware though that it is not green-ish like in the product shots with Lenny. Love the new Flak-Pocket in the kinda retro look, great usability, i was worried the flap would be a bit in the way but it is absolutely not. The new gravity-pocket is a nice touch as its more invisible than before, though i can't really see for what exactly i should use it as the entrance part is kinda small and you are forced to empty them at the sleeve opening. I believe @thatslapz wrote a pretty detailed review about these features back when the J1E came out last year. Regarding sizing. I know this is a long ongoing discussion on this forum. I initially ordered an M (my normal size) and wasn't 100% sure if i like it so i got an S as well to compare. The S fits more like a normal (boxy) M - with no real down sides, i can easily fit my J78-WS underneath for added insulation, there is enough place at the shoulders, it is long enough. The M fits more like a normal Jacket in L would fit me. I wouldn't disagree that in general, you should just take your normal size as this will give you the intended fit (i picked my normal size for J33-E as opposed to other advises in this thread for example), but with this one, i would say it is up to personal taste and if you wanna go for a more normal fit, you're safe to size down. It is still a boxy cut and the silhouette reminds of older J1A iterations. Edit: please have some shitty phone pics of me wearing the size S (I’m 180cm 78kg)
  9. dixonschneider

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB P38-DS BLK (M) P38-E (M) P36-E (M or L) P33-DS (M or L)
  10. dixonschneider

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Updated, added 3A-3TS Bundle
  11. dixonschneider

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J47TS-GT BLK Sz. M (9/10) Full Pack 1399€ / 1650$ 3A-MK1 Black (FW18) (9/10) Full Pack 160€ / 185$ NG8-PS (FW18) (7/10) Just the Gaiter 100€ / 115$ Nike x Acronym Presto Olive Size M (EU44/45) (7/10) 300€ / 350$ Located in Germany. All prices net, add ship/fees. Edit: also open to trade the J47 for other GT Jackets
  12. dixonschneider


    I have to disagree. The front zip gives you the possibiliy to vent if getting too hot, or when i go grocery shopping, i open it up halfwise so i can put on my (n95) mask more quickly. Also, easier to put off when opened. Compared to the NG8 which i also own, much more functional. If the look is visually inspiring or not is of course matter of taste.
  13. dixonschneider


    That was exactly my thought. My first thought - "Wow, this is bad". On the second - this is also very bad presentation so lets wait for actual product shots. But still, my hopes are not very high at this point...
  14. dixonschneider


    wouldn’t mind a J47A-E tbh
  15. dixonschneider


    Good to see that Umit seems to have lost some weight. Other than that, we may see a return of the P24A in E (shown with J98-SS) which im quite stocked about!
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342