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  1. dixonschneider


    Yet there are lots and lots of posts on the internet asking for your "affordable" acrnm alternatives but simply none of them gets it quite on a level like the original. In the end you get something with a very unique design DNA and that is what enables such high price points for them and probably why most people buy it in the first place, with the "functionality" as added benefit. Also the J1A is not a good example if you want to talk about "innovation" (meaning, completely new products) because it is reworked in iterations for 20 years now. Why not look at the current lineup instead? J82 and J84, very unique and new models, maybe with less "function" in terms of pockets etc. but still a very fresh design you won't find anywhere else. Speaking of functionality, the pockets on the (also new) P35-DS are really something else - you have like 11 of them and most are also really spacious, all of this without looking like a cargo pant at all. And yes, J1L/J47 and P10 are all nothing new but then again, you can't re-invent the wheel on all models every season. Some people are also glad about re-iterations because they missed previous seasons and don't want to pay premium re-sell on used items.
  2. dixonschneider


    Can’t tell about the C1-AM, S23-AK surely is a bit itchy, at least for me.
  3. dixonschneider


    inb4 all F/W20 jackets carrying this type of hood // cmon, this is meant as a joke. no need to give negReps really
  4. dixonschneider

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS Anybody here who wants my new - full pack - S23-AK Sz. M? Preferrably located in europe, or even better, germany. 510€ ++ I'll send it back otherwise shortly so better be quick and drop me that dm
  5. dixonschneider


    S23-AK came in. Quite fast delivery this time! I have to say its a nice made knit piece but it really is wide/long. Even had to roll up the arms. I have picked my normal size (medium) but would have preferred to size down. Not sure if i'll keep it, size small is sadly already sold out at every european retailer i know though.
  6. dixonschneider


    S23-AK S and M already sold out. Luckily where quick enough to grab an M, lets hope it will fit! J84-S Hood looks a bit like the one on the J1E. Not sure what to think about it yet. Also, who noticed the P22-S restock?
  7. dixonschneider


    Still debating if I should go true to size or size down on the S23-AK though. Looks kinda good already on Ian who is 190cm - compared to me that is 10cm more and I would normally wear M...
  8. dixonschneider


    J1A-GTKP nice concept as some kind of "game merch", but nothing i need to own, personally. Could imagine the quantities are more limited compared to a normal release, as it is stated a "custom" gtpro jacket. The pics indeed hint to a new kind of backpack, and also a new model of pants which look like a P33A-DS. THANKS by the way for the replies about the washing issue, appreciate it.
  9. dixonschneider


    Any good tips for reactivating DWR on a freshly washed gt pro jacket WITHOUT having to use a tumble dryer? Using grangers 2 in 1. Happy about useful recommendations!
  10. dixonschneider


    This is how you build up hype after all...
  11. dixonschneider


    Im a bit jealous now as my Instagram is full of this jacket. And I thought the subnet was dead! Not a big fan of the fisherman hood, but the overall layout (white/black zips, new chest pocket) looks amazing and white gore in general. Curious though if/when this will be officialy released as we already have a J1 release this season.
  12. dixonschneider


    So far we got 3 products in march and 3 in april so my guess would be C1-AM, S23-AK and J84-S coming in another 3-4 weeks at the beginning of may.
  13. dixonschneider


    FYI, i just found out there will be "selected retailes" carrying at least part of SS20. Release seems to be next monday at 1700 CET. This includes a new one from germany: https://standart.space/ EDIT 3 Products listed on hotoveli including prices. https://www.hotoveli.com/collections/acronym
  14. dixonschneider


    Even more products listed as "coming soon" - no sign of J84-S yet Curious about the prices for J47-GT and P10-DS as these are minor upgrades from the previous iterations. S23-AK seems quite tempting. Overall the first drop felt more innovative in my opinion. About the J1L - curious if these are made in china as well compared to the normal gen 2.2 but lets see when everything will drop!
  15. dixonschneider


    Yes, the crotch looks indeed different, but that is probably the point of the whole cut, with all the excess material that comes with such a wide waist. At least i had no funny bulging so far (as known with the P30A). Wearing it a bit higher makes the crotch a bit less apparent, of course.
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