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  1. dixonschneider


    Thats not what i meant, they require a contact and phone number from the recipient. I'll email acrnm about it, but if anyone knows anything, please let me know. Returning a P30A-DS, btw.
  2. dixonschneider


    I wanna return something I bought at the mothersite via UPS but they want a contact person and phone number. Has anyone got info what I do need to state? (sorry that I need to ask, I am sure we had this before but I just can’t find the post..)
  3. dixonschneider

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    How do y'all feel about the new S/S collection? For me most pieces are a bit too "loud"(bright colors etc), but that's really a matter of personal taste after all. At least theres a new iteration of the beloved tunic shirt and the knitwear stuff is quite solid as well.
  4. dixonschneider


    Curious if that means that we will see a new J1 release (or restock) in the near future.
  5. dixonschneider


    Talking about sizing, did anyone size up on the J1A-GT 2.2? How do people that went TTS feel about layering, i.e. with the J58?
  6. dixonschneider


    On the first glance, obviously not. But we’re talking about something that should last years and years. Also, some “minor” issue can grow into something more serious, holes can get bigger, etc. etc. - maybe this is still better than buying an entirely new one. of course it is an interesting discussion, especially with this brand and customer base. I mean, a lot of people do possibly own a larger acrnm collection at this point. No offense at all, but it is maybe not so sustainable to own multiple gt pro jackets that got shipped all around the globe. On the other hand, most pieces are excellent second hand products.
  7. dixonschneider


    Yeah i know, upscaling seems to be hard for the brand, but you have to support your customer base, and basically denying service on products with the current pricing is just unacceptable. Especially if you praise sustainability as E is doing it right now with the so called "rep-iteration". RE J58 Cinch: this is something a tailor can fix if it bothers you, of course you have to get rid of the original hem and replace it though. Tried it, works wonders. I see most people won't do it because it can affect resell-value.
  8. dixonschneider


    How do you wash your -PB jackets? Any differences to a normal gore tex jacket? It seems not regarding to the washing Tag but I’ll better double check
  9. dixonschneider


    Any thoughts on the shakedry hood on the J36-S or the new J27-GT? Is it comfortable and does it hold up well against rain?
  10. dixonschneider


    You guys just saved me a lot of money. Thanks. Was really looking into buying one but this sounds quite bad. Had the J65-AJ and returned it as well, same thing about the fabric (scratchy), also the cut was just not for me, especially the arms looked kinda strange, not anything like on the product pics.
  11. dixonschneider

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS Veilance Rhomb Jacket Size M (9/10) 450$ Pics SISP Poly Optima Overshirt Size M Black FW18/19 (9/10) 275$ Pics prices are net located in germany feel free to contact me for more pics or measurements.
  12. dixonschneider

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS Acronym LA6B-DS Size M Condition 8,5/10 - Dryskin looks still very good, the buttons and areas around show some wear ShirtSling included Located in Germany / actually bought this couple of weeks ago from @Holger. Selling because i realized the cut (quite slim) isn't for me. SOLD pics
  13. dixonschneider


    Just started wearing my J63-PB recently, so i can't say much about its durability yet. What i CAN say though is that it doesn't hold up as a stand-alone winter jacket as its simply not warm enough. If you want to wear this in winter, you def. have to add a few layers as it just hast some kind of fleece-lining inside and not much more. That said, i still really love the jacket and the material it's made of!
  14. dixonschneider

    Techwear sale-steals

    If it did, they deactivated it now. I can apply the discount but got the original price again when trying to checkout.
  15. dixonschneider


    __ nevermind