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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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j79ts-gt small full $1450 net obo

j47-gt OG 2015 small full $1.3k net obo

j1a-gt 2.0 small full $2k net obo

j58-ws medium full $1k net obo 

j63-pb small full $1.2k net obo 

All 3 prestos (recent, black w cage paint removed) size 8 net $400

all 3 vapormaxes size 9 net $450

all 3 blame shirts size L / size M for front print net $400

both stash logo tees size L net $500


3a-5ts L2, 3a-1 silver foil , all 3 prestos (first set, size XS)

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On 10/5/2020 at 9:32 AM, Ayayron said:


P30A-DS size M for size S, full pack 9/10

P17-CH size M for p17-CH/DS size S 7/10

J1A-LP size M, 9/10 w/ spec sheet FOR j36-s bicolor or the items above plus cash. or $2.2k cash all in


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On 10/17/2020 at 6:44 PM, IzunaK said:


P25-DS/P25H-DS Size Small

Also looking for 3A-3TS in either xPac or Black Foil, hopefully with the foil mostly intact. Would prefer the Foil.

3A-3TS Acquired. 

Still looking for P25-DS/P25H-DS in Size Small.

Also looking for P35-DS in Small ((Mothersite is sold out :( )

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WTS below.  Prices are shipped in US (preferred) with full pack.  Will discount for multiple items.  Everything priced for its condition.  Can only ship on Saturdays. 

P34-S Raf Small.  Worn and washed per care tag and Granger’s.  Normal stotz wear on fabric but no rips/tears/stains.  $650 SOLD

P20-S Black Small.  Condition and care same as above.  $600 SOLD

P14-CH Grey Melange Small.  Very worn, and priced accordingly.  No major trauma but definite signs of wear. $200 SOLD


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subware sold + drops on footwear/p10


- P10-DS // SS16 // sz XL // with bag, spec sheet // Worn with care, washed couple of times, some slight fading on thigs on the front, no damage or functional flaws // $799  $650

DAF1 Crimson // US11 // VNDS // $225
Presto Bamboo // M // 8/10 // $425
LF1 Black // US10 // 8/10 // $390

Add 4% or pay as gift.
Located in the Netherlands.
If you have any questions feel free to PM. Open to  reasonable offers.



Pic 2Pic 3



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